A Mega Millions win means big tax revenue, too

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At least $1.6 billion is on the line when the Mega Millions numbers are drawn Tuesday.

The jackpot would be an estimated at $905 million if awarded one one lump sum. Here are the winning numbers for the biggest jackpot in USA history.

Only one of those tickets was sold in the Bay Area.

Experts caution that the victor or winners will face many headaches that come along with their newfound riches.

Do people think they're going to win?

"There are plenty of people who know how to exploit that ignorance". We spoke to some people buying tickets around Boise about their lotto plans.

She said she'd first use the prize money to pay off her debt and save for her children's college tuition.

Even if you did not win, you can still say you were a part of lottery history.

Mega Millions aside, the Powerball drawing is Wednesday, and the jackpot for that is an estimated $620 million. The odds of winning the jackpot are now 1 in 302,575,350.

NC Lottery officials say the jackpot brings them into uncharted territory, but someone will take home the jackpot eventually.

Before this week's Mega Millions, the United States lottery jackpot record was $1.586 billion, split among three winning Powerball tickets in January 2016. The cash payout? $913.7 million. Could it reach $2 billion? A $1.5 million investment in Microsoft Corp in 1986 would be worth about $1.6 billion today.

Van Sickle did the math and if you wanted to buy one ticket of every combination, it would cost you $605 million, which is still less than the jackpot. While you need to match all six numbers to win the jackpot, there are other ways you can win smaller amounts of money.

Winners get to choose between taking all the cash in one payment or getting paid out over the course of 30 years. Last year, they spent $72.97 billion on traditional lottery tickets, according to Gallup.