Where to watch Apple's iPhone launch event live

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In a day from now, Apple will launch its the new iPhones. First up is the reportedly leaked iPhone XS, an updated version of last year's iPhone X, which is rumored to feature everyone's favorite notch on a bezel-less 5.8-inch screen. LCD is cheaper comparing to OLED screens, which were seen on iPhone X 2017. iPhone9 could be said a budget option for users who wish to owe Apple phones. iPhone9 would also have Face ID feature alike iPhone X series. Though it's unclear whether the move was intentional, as if to stir-up further excitement, or simply an accident.

You can watch the live stream of Apple's iPhone event at the official event page, which will be updated just in time for the event. You can expect colors such as Blue, Red, etc.

According to MacRumours, pricing for the devices have been leaked to be $900 (around R13 500) for the iPhone XS, $1 015 (around R15 300) for the iPhone XS Plus or Max, and $700 (around R10 500) for the iPhone XC.

Later this week, the technology giant will hold an event at its California headquarters where as many as three new versions of the iPhone are expected to be introduced. As soon as Apple announces the new models, the price you can get for the old models will drop by at least 20%, possibly more.

The company is hosting the Apple Special Event at 10:00 am PDT (10:30 pm IST) on September 12 at Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park.

Stay tuned for all this and more from us in tandem with Apple's event on September 12 at 10AM PT. Like last year, Apple is not expected to include Touch ID on this year's iPhones as well.

As a matter of cost cutting, the iPhone 9 will not be equipped with the OLED screen iPhone X got us used to, but with an LCD one. The company recently released a cheaper version of the iPad in March for £319, and before that a refreshed second-generation version of iPad Pro in June past year. Both sites suggest Apple will unveil it along with the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus.

"This all-in approach will likely see the launch of an affordable specimen - touted as the iPhone XC - as well as a reboot to the iPhone X and a larger X model".

Apple may also show off new AirPods, the wireless headphones stored in essentially a self-charging dental floss box. Prices started at £999, and the company widely credited strong sales with driving it to its highest-ever profits in February, despite a drop in overall iPhone sales.