Trump tours Carolinas as death toll from Florence rises

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More than 115,000 customers were without power across North Carolina, according to early on Thursday.

The rain finally stopped and the sun peeked through on Monday, but North Carolina Gov Roy Cooper warned that dangerously high water would persist for days.

At his later stop in Conway, near Myrtle Beach, Trump greeted people as he walked along a flooded street.

"It's going to get rough for SC", he told them.

'We've done a real job, and we've got to continue to do that real job because another phase is coming in right now, and we're going to meet that phase just like we've met phase one, ' Trump said.

Last year, the president visited a Houston shelter after Hurricane Harvey and told its devastated residents to "have a good time".

President Donald Trump has arrived in storm-ravaged North Carolina to take in the devastation left by Florence.

In South Carolina, reports have emerged suggesting that two deaths were mental health patients who drowned after a van they were travelling in crashed. The deputies transporting the two women reportedly drove around barriers and then were surprised by the flood. "There will be nothing left undone".

Horry County Sheriff Phillip Thompson said in a statement, "Tonight's incident is a tragedy". "You take care of yourself", he said. We work hard to protect and to serve our citizens.

The National Guard has performed or supported more than 535 rescue and evacuation missions in North Carolina. The deputies climbed on top of the van and were rescued; they have been placed on administrative leave. The North Carolina company lost 1.7 million chickens, but does not expect it to affect production, since there are more than 20 million chickens spread across the company's farms. Others can't get to their neighborhoods because the extensive road closures or simply because they don't have a ride home. And they're my friends and they have gone through the tough stuff.

The Coast Guard has over 3,000 personnel in 27 helicopters, 11 fixed wing aircraft, 14 cutters, and 35 shallow-water craft.

Across Carolinas on Wednesday, many roads remained closed and thousands of people lack power.

"There's too much going on", he said.

The city manager told CNN that 12,000 people are "in harm's way". "It's wearing on a lot of people here, trying to keep their sanity together".

Ever since President George W. Bush's administration was crippled by its response to Hurricane Katrina, politicians and news organizations have been acutely aware of the stakes raised by big storms.

In cities well inland, like Fayetteville, North Carolina, the floodwaters are continuing to rise, even as the main remnants of the storm moved over the Mid-Atlantic states and into New England on Tuesday. This boat just came here.

North Carolina is the country's No. 2 swine-producing state, its leading producer of tobacco and a major poultry producer, making agriculture its principle industry, valued at $87 billion.

High winds and flooding damaged two chicken farms that supply Tyson Foods Inc, the biggest USA meat processor, spokesman Worth Sparkman said.

Rivers are still rising in SC and will continue throughout the week, the state's Emergency Response Team said Wednesday morning.