Trump disputes Puerto Rico's hurricane death toll. Here's how they are calculated

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That was not original material, being the remarks made on Fox News by Geraldo Rivera, to whom Trump drew attention in the tweet. The list is arranged to show the most recent studies first.

"The attitude from the administration and the Republican Congress is unacceptable", she said at a U.S. Capitol news conference, flanked by other Democrats.

Mr. Trump said the higher Estimates "were done by the Democrats in order to make me look as bad as possible". After President Trump visited the island in October, the governor announced the death toll had risen to 34.

"I was there a long time, there was a transformer fire and the power went out, when they started dying then?"

"They hired.GWU Research to tell them how many people had died in Puerto Rico (how would they not know this?)", Trump added.

A study conducted at George Washington University's Milken Institute School of Public Health found that 2,975 died in Puerto Rico, and the official number of deaths was revised from 64 by the Puerto Rican government. Instead, he insisted, the death toll still stands in the double digits, and those claiming otherwise are part of a Democratic plot to take him down.

The death toll in Hurricane Maria is estimated to be almost 3,000, a steep increase from the initial 64. "I've been to Puerto Rico 7 times & saw devastation firsthand".

Trump maintained as recently as Tuesday that his response to the storm was an "incredible unsung success".

Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority leader, said Trump owed an apology to the 3,000 families for "the shameful attack on deceased fellow Americans".

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Friday said she didn't want to dwell on the president's comments, but felt compelled to respond on behalf of hurricane victims. Accompanying aides were put up in hotels on the taxpayer dime, one official said in the report. Cruz had earlier described the federal disaster response in the USA territory a "despicable act of neglect".

This "issue" was not on my radar until one of my kids texted in a family chat: "Is trump off his rocker with this Puerto Rico death toll stuff?"

"He [DeSantis] doesn't believe any loss of life has been inflated", said a statement from campaign spokesman Stephen Lawson.

"Physician unawareness of appropriate death certification practices. and the government of Puerto Rico's lack of communication about the death certificate process.substantially limited the count of deaths related to María". She then added, "It's sad to me that a natural disaster has to get political, I don't think President Trump is exclusively to blame for what happened, Puerto Rico had a number of its own problems before Maria even hit, they were filing for bankruptcy".