Scooters and bikes best for short trips, says Uber CEO

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Lime, the newer of the two scooter companies to Oklahoma City, worked with the city to receive its permits before introducing its product to the market.

The San Francisco Municipal Transport Agency said both companies were eligible to deploy up to 2,500 scooters over the next year, depending on how the rollout unfolds. Scoot, which now operates an electric moped rental service in San Francisco and Barcelona, proposed including helmets with each scooter rental along with free in-person training.

Over the past couple of years, the number of scooter and dockless bike companies has exploded.

Council General Manager, Strategy and Transformation, Brendan Anstiss says that the demand for ride share services is proving popular overseas, and it is exciting to see this proposed start-up service in Christchurch.

The other companies denied a permit were HOPR, JUMP, Lyft, Ofo, Razor, Ridercell and UScooters.

According to Bird, the company offers to remit $1 per vehicle per day to cities where they operate. Scooter startups including Bird and Lime allow riders to park them anywhere that doesn't block pedestrian walkways, but residents in some cities, including here in Los Angeles, say they often litter sidewalks and can pose a danger to pedestrians. The company's head Dara Khosrowshahi explained that these modes of transit were more suitable for travelling within the city. But both companies mounted a strong public relations campaign and pledged improvements.

Scoot might sound familiar because they already provide a shared moped service in The City under a separate permit program with the SFMTA. San Franciscans deserve an equitable and transparent process when it comes to transportation and mobility. A Lyft representative couldn't be reached for comment.

David Martin, the city's Planning and Community Development director, will make the final decision about which companies will participate in the 18- month pilot program, which will also require the operators to pay a base fee - estimated at $20,000 - along with per-device charges.

"I think it'll be a good way to get around if you don't necessarily wanna drive your vehicle", said Gallimore.

Lime said they will be launching next week in Tulsa.

Scoot had previously just rented electric mopeds in San Francisco, while Skip is a relatively small player but has operated permitted scooters in Washington D.C.

But other companies are being hit hard by city rules aimed at regulating both scooters and bikes.

Investors nearby rushed to fund the companies, betting the scooters could steal business away from car-hailing apps Uber and Lyft on short trips.

Scoot also has experience in owning, operating and maintaining shared mobility equipment in San Francisco specifically, having managed a fleet of shared electric mopeds since 2012.

The controversial Bird electric scooters, which have become a national phenomenon, have landed in Birmingham, Ala.

In April, San Francisco passed a law limiting the number of rentable, dockless scooters, which came into effect on June 4.

On Thursday, city officials were muted in their criticism of Bird and Lime.