Next Apple iPhone Will Not Get "Plus" In Its Name

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Of course, it may be cheaper, but it's still an iPhone, so this is no slouch.

Of course, it's the flagship models that we're all most interested in.

As with Apple's iPhone Plus line, a larger smartphone doesn't come with the sole benefit of a larger display but typically improved battery life is also a factor.

According to 9to5Mac, GBH Insights analyst Daniel Ives, there is "a massive iPhone upgrade opportunity" in the making...' He said, "The new phones "will help capture the underlying demand [for] upgrades among customers that have made a decision to bypass the ... cycle this time around, with price points and features that catalyze fence-sitting iPhone customers onto their next smartphone".

With three apples in the image, what other meaning could be attributed to it if not three iPhone models?

The apparent conflict in reports regarding the largest iPhone's name isn't the only interesting tidbit about Apple's purported device naming strategy for next week's launch. While it will sport the same internals as the iPhone Xs, it will cut down on some areas to achieve its lower price tag.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook has touted fitness and health features of the company's smartwatch, which dominates that market. It will also have a design that will use aluminium frame and glass body.

Finally, here's the biggie: much like the iPhone 5c way back when, Apple is throwing in a splash of colour.

So what about the features? It said the iPhone XS would cost $1079) and the iPhone XS Plus $1225, which includes sales tax.

First up, the display.

Bloomberg reported in February that Apple is considering to offer a dual-SIM model of the 6.5-inch iPhone in some markets.

And while there are bump-ups indeed, reports say that Apple was able to keep the price at the same levels by going with cheaper components. Some are calling it the "iPhone Xs".

The rear camera is the other major difference.

Those differences in the leaked images mean that even though legitimate carriers appear to be teasing the new information, there's still a chance that some of these leaks could be fake or based on speculation.

The final omission is a smaller one: there's no 3D Touch here.

However, AirPower, the wireless charging solution is still not available to the public. Here are 12 devices with the best features out now. Not only will it be providing a more colorful selection on a "budget" version of a flagship iPhone, it will also be reusing that "c" suffix, which now definitely stands for "color".

Two of them - the smallest and biggest - will have OLED screens; OLED screens have been in smartphones for some years now, though Apple only chose to use it for the first time last year on the iPhone X. Earlier too the telecom company had hinted that the new iPhones will support dual SIM cards.

If these hold up, then the biggest news is on the storage side.