New book details Trump's 'Crazytown' White House

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General Kelly on Trump: "He's an idiot".

Woodward said that aides often plucked documents off Trump's desk in the Oval Office to prevent him from signing them to carry out actions that the aides felt would endanger world security or US interests.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders dismissed the upcoming release when asked in Tuesday's press briefing.

"It's either that or an orange jumpsuit". "I probably would have spoken to him if he'd called, if he'd gotten through". "But never once - never - did I think Woodward made it up". "He wanted to write the book a certain way", he continued.

He went on: "It's just nasty stuff".

Woodward's much-awaited book, "Fear: Trump in the White House", shows aides routinely ignoring or acting to block orders by the USA president.

The book says chief of staff John Kelly had doubts about Mr Trump's mental faculties, and declared during one meeting, "we're in Crazytown". "I love the way the president handled Mr. Woodward".

A new book from Bob Woodward, who, in the last millennium, reported on the Watergate scandal of the Richard Nixon era, says President Trump is "crazy", is "unhinged" and loses his temper.

An early copy of The Washington Post associate editor's book was obtained by The Washington Post.

In one case, Mattis simply ignored the president's request. He has gone off the rails. Now that I'm older, though, I truly realize the significance of what Woodward and Bernstein did, and what happens after the release of FEAR ... well, we'll see. "You know I'm very open to you".

"The idea I ever called the President an idiot is not true", Mr Kelly said in a statement.

Trump has been complimentary of Woodward in the past, and initially his manner was friendly.

Perhaps some of the strongest rhetoric came from former FBI Director James Comey, who called Trump "morally unfit to be president", "untethered to truth", and "unethical". "He's this dumb Southerner". The weird silence suggests that even if Woodward's account is not fully accurate, this White House is too dysfunctional and disorganized to quickly rebut explosive, firsthand claims of incompetence on two of the country's biggest media platforms.

Donald Trump wanted to have the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, assassinated past year but his defense secretary ignored the request, according to the book, which depicts top Trump aides sometimes sidestepping instructions to limit what they see as his damaging and unsafe behavior. "Let's go in. Let's kill the fucking lot of them", Trump allegedly said, according to the longtime Washington journalist. "We're not going to do any of that", he said. And by keeping the support of his base (78 per cent of Republicans approve of him in a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll), Trump protects himself from removal either via the 25th Amendment or the Article II impeachment process.

But in Fear, sadly, most of what we appear to get is confirmation. Trump responded, according to Woodward, "Oh, okay".

When White House economic adviser Cohn tried to resign after the president offered sympathetic comments about white nationalists who engaged in a violent August 2017 rally in Charlottesville, Mr Trump accused him of "treason".

"We have begun BUILDING THE WALL".

Perhaps most notably, Trump's opinion of Woodward's reporting completely shifts throughout the course of the phone call, despite that fact that Trump had not read any of the newly-completed manuscript when the conversation took place. "For some reason I didn't get messages on it".