Lenovo Yoga S730 is an ultra-sleek compromise-free MacBook rival

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Its drivers point at your rather than, as is more common, firing out from the underside. The Yoga Book C930 will ship with 7th-gen Y-series processors and max out at 256GB. This could be one of the best portable entertainment laptops to date.

Once inside, you'll have a chance to take advantage of the C930's signature feature: its second screen.

The specifications of this notebook are not intended for games, as it has an Intel Core i7-8550U CPU or an i5-8250U, both chips of the previous generation of Whiskey Lake.

Memory will come in at either 8 GB or 16 GB, and there's a choice of PCIe SSD storage from 128 GB through to 1 TB. Lenovo's first premium Yoga-branded Chromebook comes with a display up to 4K resolution, and it's nearly large enough to be considered a desktop replacement.

The basic premise of the Yoga C630 WOS should be the same as it is for every other Snapdragon PC out there: truly outstanding battery life, middling performance, some potential app issues. It has a 360 "seek band" hinge that helps you to flip it your whole approach round into a pill mode, so it's additionally a pill. The device is also the first to sport a Dolby Atmos Speaker System and Dolby vision together. The top uses four layers of reinforced carbon fiber with a shock absorbing core to make the laptop very tough, but it still comes in at just 1.7 Kg (3.76 pounds).

A defining characteristic of the Yoga C930 is its advanced Rotating Sound Bar and innovative hinge design. Its flat, virtual, E Ink keyboard just doesn't cut it for fast typing. There is no physical keyboard here. Of course you can also use the E Ink screen as an eReader too.

The Yoga C930 includes a garaged active pen. The device comes with an all-aluminum chassis in a special Midnight Blue finish which lets you use the gadget as either a tablet or laptop. You miss out on Dolby Vision here, but the Book C930 does have Atmos speakers and is ultra-portable.

Yoga S730 is a clamshell laptop which is only 11.9 mm in thickness, and weighs 1.2 kgs. The Intel Atom processor from the old model Yoga Book has been upgraded to either an Intel Core i5 or m3 processor, depending on what price bracket you go for, and the main display has seen a significant overhaul, now boasting a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600.

With all of that case size and an increased price, Lenovo filled the Yoga Chromebook with specs far above what you find on the cheaper models.

How Much is the Lenovo Yoga Chromebook?

Both C930 laptops will be available from September.

The C930 will be available in October, starting at $1,000. To that end, the device is being re-positioned as a premium purchase, comparable to that of a MacBook or Surface Pro.