Key Woodward sources criticize Trump depiction in book 'Fear'

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"Fear", which officially hit the shelves Tuesday, paints Trump as possibly mentally unfit to serve as the leader of the free world and senior administration officials are quoted as calling him an "idiot" with the mental capacity of a "fifth- or sixth-grader".

Since his reporting for the Washington Post with Carl Bernstein led former President Richard Nixon to resign in the mid-1970's rather than face impeachment, Woodward has won two Pulitzer Prizes and authored 18 best-selling books.

Like the rest of the establishment media, as we head into the midterms, Woodward seems desperate to keep everyone's eye off of the results of Trump's management style, which have been an unqualified success.

During his 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump told supporters that he would eliminate the federal debt during his eight years in office.

"Sources are not anonymous to me, I know exactly who they are", Woodward said on the podcast. And we won't even delve into the part of Woodward's book that reveals Cohn's daughter had a swastika painted on her dorm room door after Charlottesville, mostly because we can hardly process how Gary stayed on after that, and also because we've said our peace on that. Democrats can't stand losing.

"Little leaked out of the Pence side of the White House", Wolff wrote in his January book that similarly described a chaotic and dysfunctional administration.

"It's (up to) the Department of Justice to make that determination and we're asking them to look into it", White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters.

"The Woodward book is a scam", Trump tweeted on Friday. I mean, to try to control the presidency while not the president. "These quotes were made up". The author uses every trick in the book to demean and belittle.

"So I just be quiet, and people want to talk". He said that anonymous sources "were the only way to get at the truth".

What is most troubling, however, is Woodward's praise and obvious admiration for those who undermine a duly elected president by doing things like sneaking documents off his desk, by hiding stuff from him.

Woodward declined to name the official and said he wasn't pleased with the official's public statement. Both Kelly and Mattis have denied making any such remarks.

"We're certainly focused on things that actually matter", Sanders said on Monday afternoon.

Perino will also interview former Secretary of State John Kerry later in Wednesday's show.

Although, the commander-in-chief, the White House and several top Trump administration officials have denounced the book as "fiction" and "fabrication", it doesn't take away from the fact that the incidents reported in the book echo shocking similarities to other books written about the Trump administration. "It is mostly anonymous sources in here".

"These are political statements to protect their jobs", he said.

But he said his book "is as carefully done as you can do an excavation of the reality of what goes on" in the Trump White House.