Jean-Claude Juncker unveils EU’s Africa plan to counter China

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European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker delivers his State of Union speech at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, eastern France, Wednesday, Sept.12, 2018.

The EU said in January that big tech companies that were part of its voluntary code of conduct companies had removed 70% of the content notified to them by European authorities within 24 hours, up from just 28% in mid 2016.

Greens joint leader Ska Keller, also reacting to the speech, stated that the European Union and its citizens "can be strong if we don't make ourselves weak".

Europe is neither a "fortress" or "island", it is "multilateral", said the one who rejects "the unilateralism disrespectful to the expectations and hopes of others".

"The United Kingdom will never be an ordinary third country for us".

"You spoke of the need for greater transparency, but the public reads news stories of the appointment of a Commission Secretary General clouded in secrecy".

"Europe succeeds when it speaks with one voice", Juncker said.

Mr Kamall concluded: "The ECR calls on you to start delivering the kind of European Union people want and deserve".

The proposals come as European Union nations bicker over who should take responsibility for people rescued in the Mediterranean Sea, even as the number of crossings has declined sharply this year.

While opinion surveys indicate that more Europeans view the EU favorably, residents are also becoming more sympathetic toward nationalist political parties skeptical of the 28-member union.

The commissioner, a former British ambassador in Paris, added: "Every attack over the last 18 months or two years or so, has got an online dimension".

But well aware of the limits of the current eu regulation, it has unveiled new proposals, including the deployment of 10,000 border guards by 2020 for the european Agency that oversees a real "policing of external borders".

"In general, we must do more to revive the lost art of compromise".

A code of conduct is being drawn up that will recommend that member states seek more transparency from social media platforms about those micro-targeting individuals on social media with messages and news.

Juncker's legislative proposals will face scrutiny in Parliament and from member states, with some of the latter wary of a plan to scrap their veto over some areas of foreign policy in an effort to give the European Union a nimbler actor in global diplomacy.

But the more attentive watchers - and listeners - noted that the rapturous applause may not have been all it seemed as mid-way through, while the standard ovation was dying away, organisers seemed to hike up the volume and the clapping hit ear-splitting levels.