IPhone Xs officially unveiled with 120Hz HDR screen and 512GB of storage

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That wasn't all, though - towards the end of the event, Apple revealed that it had one last trick up its sleeve: the iPhone XR, the company's newest budget smartphone offering.

The newest entry in the segment is the iPhone XS Max, and it will start at Rs 1,09,900 for the 64GB version in India. The iPhone X model has a larger screen than other iPhones, covering nearly the entire face of the handset while retaining the overall handset size at or near that of previous models. First photos of the iPhone Xs were obtained by a blogger who guessed the correct URLs.

Just like last year's iPhone X model.

In Germany, the 512GB iPhone XS Max costs 1.649 euros or $1,917, a $468 difference.

The latest Apple Watch version unveiled Wednesday is pushing the health envelope even further - in particular by taking electrocardiograms, or EKGs, on the device, a feature given clearance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Apple said.

So how's it work without a home button?

The iPhone X comes with a 5.8-inch OLED display while the iPhone XS has 6.5-inch OLED screen - the biggest ever on an iPhone. Its physical size sits somewhere between an iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, only with a much larger screen. On the front side, it features a 7 megapixel RGB camera as a well as an infrared camera used for Face ID. However, battery life lasts a full 1 hour and 30 mins longer than the iPhone X, the same upgrade found on the Xs Max.

The iPhone XR starts at $749. The 6.1-inch features a bright LCD screen and comes in a variety of colors, including white, black, blue, coral and red. The iPhone XR, available for pre-order October 19 and launching on October 26, will be available in Red, Yellow, White, Coral, Black and Blue. The watches can be pre-ordered from 14 September with cellular connectivity, starting at $499, or just Global Positioning System, starting at $399. Both the iPhones will be available for pre-order starting September 14 and will ship starting September 21.

Apple launched the iPhone X a year ago, and for the first time in more than a decade sales did not go as well as analysts had anticipated.

Elsewhere at its event in California, Apple introduced the fourth generation of its Apple Watch, with even greater focus on health and wellbeing.

According to the company, Apple Watch Series 4 can detect falls and it will call emergency contacts if it doesn't detect movement after a minute. The edges are noticeably rounder, though it still retains the square look. For the S4 again Apple claims it's a new custom GPU - again we don't have any details here other than what Apple talked about in the presentation. The crown has been improved and now gives haptic feedback, trying to mimick the "clicking wheel" feel such as in more mechanical dials, or more aptly, the clicking of a mouse wheel when you scroll with it.

And while the US prices make you think about getting a loan, wait till you see the prices in Europe and elsewhere.

The strategy appears to be working, as Apple topped sales expectations in its most recent fiscal quarter, despite selling fewer iPhones than Wall Street expected.