IPhone XS Max Leaks, Exclusive iPhone Prices, Apple's Innovation Failure Exposed

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Here we mention the big product shot leak for the Apple Watch Series 4. The 5.8-inch OLED option is said to be named "iPhone Xs" (that's "10 s"), while the 6.1-inch LED model's monicker remains unclear; it could be the "iPhone 9" to make up for continuity, or something else.

Apple is undoubtedly one of the giants in the phone industry today and its influence has gotten bigger and wider from time to time.

Then the trillion-dollar USA company has also been rumored to be introduce a new affordable handset that will mirror the same all-screen design of the iPhone X but will sacrifice some specific premium specs to keep the retail price much lower.

Practice shows that the Apple from year to year send favourites accessory manufacturers samples of their new devices. Wondering why we haven't mentioned the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or any other potential iPhone names or price in India yet? The three colors of the pictures above are the red, white, and a dark blue.

Geskin is usually known for his renders and photoshops, but the designer claims that the phones featured in this leak are the "real deal".

We are pretty sure you do not really know how to measure new ideas and innovation. So, Apple may announce the official release date for iOS 12 on September 12. Apple is also been speculated to be prepping up the grandest launching of iPhone yet.

The Apple aficionados will get to see the three new iPhone X models in the company's 2018 September event.

Do take note that the prices mentioned will be for the baseline models with 64GB of onboard storage capacity.

But it's not all bad news for the one-year-old, soon-to-be out of fashion iPhones.

The top-end apple iphone Xs Plus feature large 6.5-inch AMOLED screen and a larger battery.

One more thing: the new iPhones - or at least one of them - could also support the Apple Pencil. The firm now has a $250.00 target price on the iPhone maker's stock, up from their prior target price of $220.00. We won't have to wait for too long to find out what Apple has in store for us this year.

These prices, when converted to United States dollars, look something like $699 for the XC, $899 for the XS, and $999 for the XS Max.

Back in July Katy Huberty, an analyst for Morgan Stanley, insisted the LCD device could be pushed back and be released in October. The larger iPhone XS Max also comes with 4GB RAM and will be purchased in 256GB and 512GB storage only. The brand will tone down the specifications of the 6.1-inch iPhone 9 in order to cut costs.

But if Apple chooses a lower-priced strategy on some models, it could also benefit the company by boosting its phone replacement rate. Well, few people did love their colourful iPhone and Apple appears to have learned from its mistakes & its appears to have finally found the flawless colourful recipe.