Here's When You Can Pre-Order Your New iPhone From Telstra

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In its financial reports, Apple doesn't break down its phone sales per region, but it would be interesting to see how these prices will affect its sales outside of the U.S. It underlines what a powerful franchise Apple has created and that the public's love affair with the iPhone is stronger than ever. And of course, it will run the same iOS 12 software.

Anyone interested in an iPhone Xs or Xs Max will be able to pre-order theirs from 5:01pm AEST on September 14 for shipping on September 21. While the former has an OLED display, Apple has opted for an LCD display for the latter.

All the new features and sensors have no ill effects on battery life, claims Apple. Other than the size, both the models have 3D Touch and HDR. The new Smart HD capabilities with adjustable bokeh are cool though, even though it sounds really similar to the Google Pixel's computational photography. If you're in the market to replace your phone, you may be considering buying the latest and greatest Apple has to offer. Even with all this power, iPhone XR lasts up to an hour and a half longer than iPhone 8 Plus. Both will come in 64GB, 256GB and 512GB sizes. The iPhone XS Max also comes in those three storage capacities and starts at $1,099.

The aluminium iPhone Xr will launch one week later on Friday, October 26, 2018. Consistent user-hostile behavior on Apple's part does little to earn it any goodwill, and makes me wonder when the headphone jack on the rest of Apple's devices will get the axe. Apple has discontinued all of its phones that use headphone jacks, and it's no longer including a lightning dongle in the box with phones to allow you to use a traditional headset. Want audio? You can always purchase its $159 AirPods, or some Bluetooth headphones you'll have to regularly charge. The Apple Watch Series 4 now has a 30% larger edge-to-edge display.

The tech giant will live-stream its event on the social media platform for the first time on Wednesday as it looks to draw in a larger audience. The FDA has also approved the Watch for use as a medical device in the US.

It can also detect when you fall by calculating wrist trajectory and other movements and can send that data to an emergency contact.

The watch will also notify you when it detects that your heart rate is too low or that there's an irregular pattern compared to your usual values.

The Face ID in these models is said to work faster this time than last year's iPhone X. Though the headphones got off to a slow start, they have quickly helped Apple capture 26% of the USA wireless headphone market, according to NPD Group.