Got Rs 1,09900? Apple shows off its most expensive iPhone yet

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"Additionally starting price for the 5.8" iPhone Xs remains the same as of its predecessor. But if I were to upgrade the iPhone X to a 2018 device, it'd be the iPhone XR. Other than holding it, there's so much more you do with your smartphone. It's harder to justify splashing out on a ritzy, powerful computer.

Zhang Wentao, a 26-year-old bank employee in Beijing, is considering upgrading his iPhone 7. Apple has already confirmed that it will start selling the iPhone XR at the end of October, just like it did with the iPhone X past year. With the smartphone maker is offering discounts on previous generation iPhones in India, the USA customers also get deals on the newest flagship product - iPhone XS, though carrier based.

Apple product launches are usually fraught with intrigue, expectation and controversy as fans all over the world discuss what is going to happen, what on earth is happening on stage and then what has just happened right in front of them.

Having said that, Apple caters to a different set of buyers, those who upgrade no matter what cost they end up paying (iPhone X for instance). The iPhone X and the iPhone XR comes with 3 GB RAM. With the slim bezels and near-edge-to-edge screen, Apple has squeezed in an enormous amount of an insanely bright and vibrant OLED screen into a size no bigger than the previous generation Plus variants.

It's not necessarily a referendum on Apple's industrial design, its software, or the power of its hardware.

The fact is iPhones are the most expensive smartphones on the market. We show you what it can do.

The other huge boost from iOS 12 is to battery life.

If you were hoping to be one the first to get your hands on Apple's latest premium iPhones, you may need to wait a while.

But the iPhone XR is better still. If you're not absolutely attached to the Apple brand or ecosystem, it's more reasonable than ever to get a lower-priced Windows 10 machine. You'll have to pay $9 bucks to get it.

Apple fanboys argue that Apple doesn't play in the budget phone segment.