Eminem's Manager Says Eminem Wasn't Dissing Drake on 'Kamikaze'

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Shady's back and he's taking no prisoners.

The album also includes Eminem's track from upcoming Marvel villain movie "Venom", starring Tom Hardy.

Stream Marshall's big surprise below.

Now, as Eminem reveals on his new album, Kamikaze, it seems the cypher led to a visit from the U.S. Secret Service.

He also mocks President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, and takes aim at disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein following the sexual misconduct scandal.

"In the opening verse of the album's first song, 'The Ringer, ' Eminem says ".I'm off the chain like Kala Brown".

The record's cover illustration, showing an album crashing into a mountain, pays tribute to the 1986 Beastie Boys album "Licensed to Ill", a rap classic.

Eminem dropped new surprise album Kamikaze late Thursday night, and it's a follow-up to his 2017's Revival.

Eminem released a new album overnight without any warning, titled "Kamikaze", which is his first full album since "Revival". On his 2011 album, Goblin, Tyler used the F-word over 200 times-and he told MTV News his gay fans don't mind. "/ 'Cause the way I see people turning is making it seem worthless / It's starting to defeat the goal / I'm watching my fan base shrink to thirds / And I was just trying to do the right thing", he raps.

"Kamikaze" is available on Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon and iTunes. The rapper has denied being homophobic for years, claiming his use of anti-gay slurs is the equivalent of calling someone a "b***h" or a "punk a**hole".

"I tried not to think too much on this one... hoping that it pleases you" simply wrote the artist of 45 on Twitter.