Dual SIM iPhones confirmed by China Telecom and China Mobile

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"Don't expect massively disruptive new features but smart pricing repositioning around an enhanced iPhone X, enabling Apple to increase the overall average selling price of its smartphone lineup", said Forrester analyst Thomas Husson.

For the more recent Apple TV, you'll need to pop into the App Store and download the app.

Matching up with previous leaks, the iPhone XC features a single rear camera with LED flash.

Samsung and Huawei - who along with Apple make up the top three phone makers by market share - have already launched critically acclaimed flagship smartphones this year, placing more pressure on Apple to deliver with its latest iPhone.

The third phone, a new low-priced version of the iPhone X, could be the hit of the product roll out. Last year, the lowest-spec iPhone X retailed for $999 in the United States, but R20 499 here. It'll be joined by a similar, but larger, 6.5-inch model, now tipped to be called the iPhone XS Max (although we're not convinced by that name). So, there may be at least two dual SIM models.

Coincidentally, these are exactly the prices that the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X command now in Germany. The cheaper iPhone XC is said to cost 5888 yuan ($ 855 / Rs 61,895 approx.). You can see the right side of the iPhone with dual-SIM slots.

The Apple Watch has been a slow burn for the company, but has steadily grown in sales becoming a small but important part of Apple's sales shipping 3.5m devices in Q2 2018 according to data from Canalys, but still dwarfed by the 41m iPhones shipped in the same time period. Many might have thought that this year's iPhones would ship with a higher watt charger, being that all competing devices with fast charging actually come with a fast charger. The resolution will enhance as well to preserve sharpness, so overall the quality will raise. You can watch the livestream of CNET's coverage here, where they'll also have a liveblog of all the big announcements.

Even though it is fun to hear details before the even from 12th of September, these leaks might not be as accurate as we hope. Besides, the renders leaked last week gave us a good look at the iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) from multiple angles.

As a matter of cost cutting, the iPhone 9 will not be equipped with the OLED screen iPhone X got us used to, but with an LCD one.

This worked nicely on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, so could be an easier to way to unlock a tablet than the fingerprint sensor.

The event will take place on Wednesday morning at 10am pacific time (7pm South African time) at the Steve Jobs Theatre in California.