Best Apple iPhone XS Max deals, price and pre-order info

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Although the new handsets seem to have the same design as iPhone X, Apple has introduced some key new features of the new iPhones. If you buy with Apple, you can move from carrier to carrier or more easily use the device when traveling in foreign countries. The iPhone X's battery price will increase to £65, a jump of £40. And a new level of water resistance. Finally, the phone has an aluminum enclosure compared to stainless steel on the iPhone X and XS phones. Sure, they've been gorgeous, but they haven't been that big of an upgrade over previous versions. "Both devices feature a 4.7" screen which is quite small, but not as much as the iPhone SE.

Three's most outstanding iPhone XS Max contract has unlimited data, minutes and texts priced at £64 a month, plus £99 upfront.

A feminist has criticised Apple for focusing on bigger-sized iPhones she says are not suitable for women's hands.

Carphone Warehouse has a handy tool on its site which allows you to check if you're eligible for an upgrade to the iPhone XS Max.

However Apple's third new iPhone, the XR, isn't available for preorders yet. The iPhone Xr that is equipped with a 6.1-inch LCD screen is packed with 3 GB of RAM. There's the same A12 bionic chip, Face ID with the front-facing TrueDepth camera as well as a bunch more color options (yellow, coral, white, black and blue).

As more manufacturers misguidedly remove the headphone jack from their phones - looking at you, OnePlus - we've always had at least one consolation prize: a cheap dongle.

Even with the various deals and promos that will be available around the world, the $999 iPhone XS is still expensive, especially after buying the iPhone X a year ago. Now, a similar amount will have to pay for the repairs iPhone XS. Wearables, AI, augmented reality and smart home devices are coming into their own, and Apple is certainly an important player to keep an eye on in these spaces if you care about the future of tech. Try iOS 12 first, and see if you feel the same way afterward.