Bears landing Khalil Mack in wild National Football League blockbuster

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The Chicago Bears are not contenders just yet.

If the excitement for the Bears season wasn't already at an all-time high with the season just one week away, Saturday's trade makes this season one of the most anticipated in recent memory.

The Bears acquired Khalil Mack, the two-time All-Pro pass rusher, in a trade with the Raiders agreed upon Saturday morning, according to multiple national outlets.

Bears get Mack, a 2020 second-round pick and a conditional 2020 fifth-round pick. The specifics of the Jets' offer weren't immediately clear, but it definitely didn't include two first-round picks, according to an National Football League source.

The payout to the Raiders is significantly less than the Rams gave up for Jared Goff and the price the Eagles paid for Carson Wentz.

Last week, Pro Bowl offensive tackle Donald Penn said Mack "deserves everything he's going to get, when he's going to get it".

"From what I understand, the Raiders and Khalil Mack are essentially nowhere ... this is a very interest test for (Jon Gruden)". The Raiders also think they can turn back the clock on 29-year-old running back Doug Martin, adding more punch in the backfield behind 32-year-old Marshawn Lynch. Many assumed Gruden also would work toward finding some core playmakers to join Mack on defense.

Now it's time to see what Gruden does with the money and eventually the picks.

The Bears fired coach John Fox after a five-win season and 14-34 record in his three years. The popular refrain in Bears Nation that the club has finally fixed the QB position is simply untrue - so far.

Mack is one of the league's top sack masters and was clearly the best weapon on the current roster of the Oakland Raiders. Oakland told other teams that Mack wasn't available for weeks, but that tone changed when it became clear that the type of contract Mack was looking for wasn't unreasonable.

If the team can benefit from the presence of Mack on the field, then individual players should reap rewards as well.

This is a big move by the Bears.

The question many will now be asking is whether the Packers should have made a similar offer.