Why Google Play Store Won't See Fortnite 08/03/2018

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Epic Games will not distribute the Android version of its blockbuster hit through the Google Play Store, the company said Friday. Epic Games is now exploring the option of including Fortnite on various third-party stores in China, but it has nothing to announce at this time. They would also put Microsoft in a position to charge a commission for every Windows app users install in the future. Epic Games has its own launcher for games like Fortnite and Unreal Tournament, keeping a direct relationship with players and cutting out third-party services like Steam. As great as the PUBG Mobile is on Android, some fans are still waiting to test their skills on Fortnite Mobile and there's development on the game's release on Android.

However, there's still one bump in the road; how the game will be installed. Through the Play Store, there's at least some automated protection against these, and there are usually telltale signs to spot the ones that slip past that. Because they can. Google has openly marketed their smartphone OS Android for years as a more open, versatile and flexible alternative to the strictly closed garden on Apple's iOS.

Download and install Fortnite through your browser.

Fortnite for Android is coming out soon, but the method of delivery for the app might be in question. The Android release does not now have a release date, but we'll keep you updated when more information becomes available. It will effectively bypass the Google Play Store entirely. Such an app often has a built-in tool to check for and retrieve updates, to compensate for the absence of the Play Store's own update mechanisms.

Why Google Play Store Won't See Fortnite 08/03/2018
Why Google Play Store Won't See Fortnite 08/03/2018

That information came from source code within Fortnite's website which revealed instructions prompting Android users to download Fortnite through their browser rather than the Play Store. The Amazon App Store works like this, for example.

Fortnite has become a global phenomenon enjoyed by millions of players each day. The answer is quite simple. They have stated various reasons for it and some of the reasons don't need to be stated.

The second part of the equation has to do with Google's 30% cut off of profits. The exclusivity will allow Samsung Galaxy owners to get free V-Bucks among other in-game items. It is also available on the iPhone and iPad via Apple's app store, where Apple takes a 30% cut of sales. It makes total sense.