Trump Reportedly Felt Media Coverage of McCain’s Death Was ‘Over

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Almost 10 hours after the White House raised flags to full-staff following the death of Senator John McCain, officials have lowered them back to half-staff.

On Monday morning, federal employees received word that they were to immediately lower flags at federal properties around the country to half-staff to honor Sen.

"We can try, as he did, to put country before party".

Mr McCain ran unsuccessfully as US President in 2008 and had been a senator since 1984. "Let's focus on the man and what he did, and his life - but the media seems to have this fascination to try to use the death of John McCain to further betlittle and beat up Donald Trump".

On Monday, she also defended her comments from past year that McCain should have stepped down when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. Our hearts and prayers are with you!'

Finally, although Trump was reportedly not invited to the funeral by the deceased himself, he delegated a cohort of high-ranking officials including Chief of Staff John Kelly, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and National Security Advisor John Bolton to represent his administration at the ceremony.

Although he did not mention Donald Trump by name, McCain's assessment of the America he was leaving behind at times echoed some of the sharp warnings he delivered against the president while serving his final months in office.

Schumer also called on Republicans to join him in his efforts to rename a Senate office building, now named for the controversial former Sen.

"Indeed, a Democratic senator just spoke to me on the floor and was very kind and said, 'You know we're all looking to you now'".

Schumer, who worked closely with McCain on immigration and other issues, called McCain one of the "few truly great people" he's met in public service.

"At a time like this, you would expect more of an American president when you are talking about the passing of a true American hero". More recently, he had termed Trump's performance at a news conference with Russian president Vladimir Putin as "disgraceful".

The tweet capped off a strained relationship between the two Republicans.

Republican Governor Doug Ducey will make the appointment and has said he will wait until after McCain's funeral on Sunday to publicize his choice. "We are 325 million opinionated, vociferous individuals". We argue and compete and sometimes even vilify each other in our raucous public debates. We will come through them stronger than before.

"Do not despair of our present difficulties".

McCain "meant so much to so many of us", inside the Senate and out, McConnell said, adding: "The Senate is eager to work on concrete ways to continue this momentum and provide a lasting tribute to this American hero long after this week's observances are complete".

Ex-Vice President Biden is expected to speak the following day at a service in the North Phoenix Baptist Church before McCain's body is transported to Washington to lie in state at the Capitol Rotunda on Friday.