Terrified Tourists Flee Gili Islands After Lombok Earthquake

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It is feared that up to 50 worshippers were trapped when the large Jabal Nur mosque in the village of Lading-Lading in the north of Lombok was flattened by the 6.9 magnitude natural disaster on Sunday.

"Very quickly I shouted to the kids to run outside", Rye resident Boukje Van Den Bosch-Schmits told us by phone.

Rescuers have searched only a tiny portion of the 13,000 damaged buildings and they expect the death toll of more than 100 will rise significantly over the coming week.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton was dining at a restaurant on the 12th floor of a Lombok hotel when the quake struck.

"We extend our sympathy in this moment of pains to the people and the government of Indonesia, we wish you strength and fortitude at this hour of pains", he said. We are all frustrated to live like this - in a tent without certainty.

Since the quake, there have been more than 120 aftershocks, some of them felt some one-hundred kilometers away in Bali.

A short-lived tsunami warning was reportedly issued for some time Sunday when the quake hit, but only small waves were recorded around Lombok, according to the AP report.

"(It) was mayhem", she said. "It was the violence of the shaking of the building - was pretty dramatic", he said in a radio interview. She said they are also heartbroken for 16 of the hotel staff who lost their homes. Power went out for a while. "It becomes apparent that they don't have the infrastructure to handle this kind of thing, so perhaps people will evaluate that in the future".

As many as 600,000 people have been affected by the natural disaster, with up to 20,000 people living in temporary shelters.

With not enough boats to evacuate tourists quickly and too few planes to fly them out of Lombok, many visitors were forced to wait for hours or camp on beaches and on the floor of the worldwide airport in Mataram.

"There are only a few tourists left here".

Tourists desperate to reach safety have reportedly been seen fighting each other to get onto rescue vessels, which are said to be leaving half empty with "selected" evacuees.

The family said they are now stranded on the island.

Septa Rendra, originally from East Java, a short flight from Lombok, said he was thinking of the victims while he volunteered at the Indonesian pavilion on Monday.

Facebook said the feature was available globally.

More than 230 people were seriously injured.

"We encourage Canadians in Indonesia to contact their family and friends. We are in contact with local authorities and stand ready to provide consular assistance to Canadian citizens if needed".

A resident inspects a mosque damaged by an quake in North Lombok, Indonesia, Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2018.

Indonesian authorities estimated at least 2700 people had been evacuated from the Gili islands since Monday.

At 2am, they were told the last boat of the day was heading back to Bali so the two men made a "mad dash" back to the beach.

"It was very hard, people were fighting [to get on boats]". But she said the family is going to try to get on a ferry to Bali on Tuesday and that their flight back to B.C.is on August 13.