Rescuers struggling to reach survivors of deadly Indonesian quake

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Officials said that almost 8,400 tourists and resort workers had been evacuated from the three Gili islands off the northwest coast of Lombok, where two people died, emptying out a destination popular for its white beaches and turquoise waters.

Mr Little told Morning Report the quake had left some of the conference delegates shaken.

Visitors on Lombok were enjoying a quiet warm evening when a 7.1 natural disaster hit.

The tremor came a week after a shallow 6.4-magnitude quake hit Lombok, killing 17 people and damaging hundreds of buildings.

A person injured during a strong quake waits for treatment outside the Mataram City hospital with other patients who were evacuated, in Mataram, Lombok island, Indonesia August 5, 2018 in this photo taken by Antara Foto. In several districts, more than half the homes were destroyed or severely damaged.

"There are challenges: the roads were damaged, three bridges were also damaged, some locations are hard to reach and we don´t have enough personnel".

"Everyone is waiting for a flight out", he added, thanking people for their "kind thoughts and prayers".

A video of an Indonesian imam stoically reciting evening prayers in Bali as a deadly natural disaster struck neighbouring Lombok has gone viral on social media, with internet users praising him for his unwavering faith.

More than 50 people were injured.

A spokesperson for the Indonesian Disaster Mitigation Agency wrote on twitter that at least 82 people died and that many houses on the island had collapsed.

The Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) said more than 120 aftershocks were recorded after Sunday evening's quake, whose magnitude the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) revised down to 6.9 from an initial 7.0.

Two days after the quake, rescuers were still struggling to reach all the affected areas and authorities expected the death toll to rise. "People filled the streets", said Michelle Lindsay, an Australian tourist.

"The death toll becomes 91 people, 209 people are injured, thousands of houses are wrecked, and thousands of people are evacuated". Many victims were treated outdoors because hospitals were damaged.

The video showed the Imam remaining focused on leading the prayer, as the 7.0 magnitude quake hit the mosque, he was praying in, reports New Straits Times. On top of it, this quake triggered a tsunami warning.

Who do I contact for help?

As we got to the hotel - people were running out.

"There was a lot of screaming and crying, particularly from the locals", said Amis, from Brighton.

"We just witnessed one of the boats get completely overfilled with tourists climbing on, with the officials trying to keep them back off the boat, pushing them and shoving them".

Teigen said the island was experiencing aftershocks and she walked outside naked holding her newborn son. Video footage, taken by chief water police of Lombok, Dewa Wijaya, shows hundreds of people attempting to leave the small island of Gili Trawangan in north Lombok.

Plan International Indonesia spokeswoman Dini Widiastuti said the staff immediately sprang into action to assist with the evacuation to higher ground.

Like Bali, Lombok is known for pristine beaches and mountains.

Hotels and other buildings in both locations are not allowed to exceed the height of coconut trees.

Indonesia is located in the Ring of Fire, an area in the basin of the Pacific Ocean, which is vulnerable to frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

In 2004 a tsunami triggered by a magnitude 9.3 undersea quake off the coast of Sumatra in western Indonesia killed 220,000 people in countries around the Indian Ocean, including 168,000 in Indonesia.

"Mate, we were knocked certainly to the floor".

"Everyone's a bit shaken, but all well, but people out in the villages or elsewhere haven't been so lucky, unfortunately".

But it was Lombok which bore the brunt of Sunday evening´s quake.

Chrissy, her husband John Legend and the couple's two children, two-year-old daughter Luna and baby son Miles, have been enjoying a family holiday in Bali.