Omarosa says President Trump calls Betsy DeVos 'Ditzy DeVos'

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Trump on Monday denied the existence of any tape from "The Apprentice" in which he used the racial epithet.

According to Politico, the call may show that Kushner and Trump are out of the loop on personnel issues, possibly indicating waning influence in the West Wing.

Manigault-Newman, a star of Trump's former reality TV show "The Apprentice" and a White House adviser until her firing late past year, now is on a publicity tour for her new book, a tell-all account of the Trump administration. Let's examine the evidence. "She tried to cut my head off and put it on a platter and serve it up to Donald Trump", Ryan told Hunter. "I don't have that word in my vocabulary and never have".

This also makes her the only First Lady whose first language is not English.

"She's drawing a direct line of comparison between herself and other black women Trump has attacked", Rigueur said.

"The fact is, the president's an equal opportunity person that calls things like he sees it", Sanders said.

Sanders replied, "Uhhh, I can't guarantee uhhh anything". "I wanted to have this type of documentation... in the event I found myself in this position where, as you said, they're questioning my credibility".

Omarosa also alleges in the book that Vice President Mike Pence believes that God has commanded him to "agree with Trump no matter what".

Manigault Newman continued to stir the pot Tuesday, providing CBS another audio recording that she said showed campaign workers discussing the alleged recording.

Appearing on CNN on Tuesday night, Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson, like Sanders, said she couldn't completely rule it out.

But it wasn't just about the n-word.

"I haven't been in every single room", she said. "We had that fight between the Oval Office and the press office", Ryan said.

Ms Pierson then replied: "No, he said it".

Many condemned the president and his repeated attempts to compare minorities with animals, but there was little defence of Manigault Newman.

She has been trashing Trump in the media all week, and clearly holds a grudge over her abrupt sacking from her position as a senior adviser to the President a year ago. "Now they call it the "n-word" tape".

Brian Kilmeade likened it to when Trump last fell for that strategy, back when former flatterer Michael Wolff was plugging his salacious White House intrigue book Fire And Fury: Inside the Trump White House.

"These agreements typically contain provisions related to confidentiality and artist's rights. We're gonna hear Trump supporters using that word everywhere".