Moto Z3 debuts with fingerprint scanner on the side, 5G mod

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While there might not be something that special about Moto Z3 at first glance, the smartphone will become truly unique in 2019 when Motorola will make the brand-new 5G Moto Mod available for purchase. One of the main underlines of the flagship device is that it comes with a side mounted fingerprint reader, which could prove out to be a handy one. It's not the most flashy, or the highest-powered, but it's incredibly thin. The smartphone will go on sale exclusively through Verizon in Ceramic Black colour option starting August 16. The smartphone comes with support for Moto Mods, a feature which the company has been supporting for three whole years.

On Thursday Motorola held a special event at its U.S. headquarters in Chicago to announce two new products: A smartphone, the Moto Z3, and a new 5G Moto Mod. It is the first 5G upgradeable phone, and will probably be the only phone you can alter its network experience by simply attaching an accessory to it. The Mod will definitely only work on Verizon's 5G network, not any other carrier's, though. The new smartphone is the latest addition in the Moto Z series of devices and sits above the Moto Z3 Play that was launched in June.

Motorola played it safe with the Moto Z3's design and specs. There are not many differences between the Moto Z3 and Z2 Force. The 835, which was last year's flagship chip, doesn't support 5G, but all of that magic will come in the Mod. Sadly, no more "Z" phones this year, says Motorola.

There is a 3000mAh capacity battery inside the Moto Z3, which is a decent sized battery, but many may be anxious that it won't get them through the entire day. On the front side, the Moto Z3 comes with an 8-megapixel sensor with an aperture of f/2.0. For the G5 Plus, the update brings Google Pixel 2 like launcher along with a new style power menu.

That's pretty impressive considering its packing a 3,000mAh battery. Moto Z3 comes with a water-repellent coating for splashes. Selfie camera features include portrait mode, group selfies, face beauty, and face filters. They both look great.

The Motorola One will sport a dual camera setup with 16MP + 5MP configuration as per the listing. Once Verizon rolls out its 5G network sometime next year, owners will be able to buy the 5G Moto Mod containing Qualcomm's X50 modem and upgrade to the faster network.

Motorola has officially launched the flagship smartphone, the Moto Z3 in the USA on the 3rd of August along with the 5G MOD, which will available in early 2019.

Motorola has finally announced its Moto Z3 smartphone with support for Moto Mods. Verizon offers those who switch networks and trade in their own device a $300 trade-in credit meaning eligible owners can get this or just $180.