Liverpool Star Urges Reds To Show Pre-Season Results Against West Ham

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Jurgen Klopp has named his first Liverpool team of the 2018/2019 season for their home game against West Ham with two new signings starting. Liverpool had a very successful and good season previous year but we didn't win a title. So, even though he only needed to make one save, it was a good (if uneventful) day for the new Liverpool keeper.

While City have not spent as much as Liverpool in this window, they have been among the biggest spenders in the English top-flight for a few years now and a majority of their squad looks likely to remain the same in the years to come. I'm looking forward to going back to Liverpool and Anfield. Wilshere, if he can play more than 30 Premier League games, could really drive the team from defense into attack. Pellegrini has signed some decent players this summer and they have a competitive team but I don't think they'll be a match for Liverpool.

Wilshere revealed this week he wants to play "smarter" by avoiding going into risky challenges, saying: 'I can not remember the last time I completed a full pre-season so it has been good. It's another case of "wait and see" and trust in Klopp - but one that most Liverpool fans will be content with.

It goes without saying that you have lost many points and important results due to goalkeeping errors, not just last season but for many before that too.

I think this could be one of the most memorable seasons in a while.

Of their potential to combine this season, Keita added: "It's like with all players, you develop a good understanding on the pitch and I've certainly done that with Dan".

They therefore must deliver an immediate knockout of West Ham in their 2018/19 campaign opener to show they can get in the ring with City.

"This is my fourth year in the Premier League now so I know how they play and how good they are", he continued. Obviously you're under big pressure and you're not allowed to make too many mistakes - but that happens at every top club in Europe that wants to fight for top targets domestically and in Europe.

Only Jordan Henderson and Dejan Lovren - albeit the Croatian returning crocked - required extended breaks from their exertions in Russian Federation and so Klopp has been afforded the luxury of a full pre-season with the majority of his squad.