Galaxy Note 9 now available for pre-order in India

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Remember all those leaks?

We've pitted Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri against one another on a few occasions, and below, we've listed some of the things we look for when evaluating those speakers. While the new model has the "infinity screen", which eliminates bezels on the sides, it still has bezels at the top and bottom - as Apple and other phonemakers continue to pursue an almost all-screen front.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will officially launch on Friday, August 24.

A more expensive variant is also offered this time round, with 8 gigabytes rather than 6GB of RAM (random-access memory) and 512GB instead of 128GB of internal storage. It might not be for everyone, but on the whole it looks like Samsung's "elegant design" promise may actually have come to fruition.

After months of speculation and leaks, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 has finally been unveiled in NY!

4K video recording, together with super-slow-motion HD video to a maximum 960fps is also possible. The device resembles more of a "tock" upgrade in a standard product cycle that lasts for two years. If the image is out of focus, or if the device detects that a subject in the frame has blinked at the moment of capture, it will notify you of this.

There's also been an upgrade in the camera department. You still get a 12MP dual-lens main camera, Quad HD+ 6.3-inch display and plenty of power. But that's not all. The S-Pen button can also be used to pause and play media, and control presentations. The so-called "phablet" touted massive storage space, a new intelligent camera, and a revamp to its signature stylus, the S Pen. Samsung cleverly included inductive charging in the S Pen, so it'll fill up when docked in the phone. I typically tend to switch to my classic analogue timepiece when going out, however, after trying the Galaxy Watch on I am quite confident that it wouldn't feel out of place in the theater, or during pre- and post-show drinks. Borrowing from the iPhone's playbook, the Note 9 will have the same USA price regardless of carrier. DeX now works with a simple USB-C to HDMI adapter.

Ji Soo Yi, Samsung's vice president of AI strategy, described the new Samsung Home smart speaker at an event in Brooklyn on Wednesday. There's no word on United Kingdom pricing, but those dongles are $50 (£39) in the States. This does make the Note 9 more unwieldy than smaller phones, but the tradeoff may be worth it for some users.

'We've moved on from that, ' said Samsung's Kate Beaumont when we asked how her company's latest gadget, the Galaxy Note 9, is created to avoid a repeat of the exploding phone saga of 2016.

Colour-wise there's Oceaon Blue, Lavender Purple, Black, and Copper.