Fortnite: Rick & Morty Fans Are Calling Out New Galaxy Skin

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Samsung announced the much-awaited Galaxy Note 9 at a special event in NY yesterday.

Unfortuantely, if you're not using a brand new Samsung device, you won't get the Galaxy skin.

Samsung also breathed some life into its smartwatch, with Galaxy Watch, featuring new silicon for the first time in two years, and a slightly larger display (42mm and 46mm) than before.

For you to get a better idea of what's changed with the Galaxy Note 9, let's first start off by taking a look at its predecessor's retail package and accessories. Entry level price is $999 (6GB RAM / 128GB storage) rising to $1,250 for the model with 8GB RAM and 512GB of storage.

You can preorder a Galaxy Note 9 direct from Samsung where you will be asked to select your carrier (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, or US Cellular, or an unlocked model) and color (Ocean Blue or Lavender Purple). We've picked out five mobile phones that you should consider instead of Samsung's new behemoth, and the best-value deals on them that you can pick up right now. Borrowing from the iPhone's playbook, the Note 9 will have the same USA price regardless of carrier.

This, coupled with the the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launching a few days after update 5.2, led fans to thinking the two were tied together. Go here to check it out.

Samsung Galaxy Home release date: When can we get our hands on it? You'll be able to use the pen as a presentation clicker, long-press to launch an app of your choice, and set specific actions inside each app.

Then there's the S-Pen. Considering the Note 8 left many wondering why they should buy one over the S8 - an nearly identical phone save for the S-Pen and dual cameras - it's refreshing to see the Note series return to its overpowered roots.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 specs: A noteworthy leap in performance?

"S Pen is the core of overall Note series experience and Samsung has done improvement on the same which will drive the overall experience and brings in stickiness for note users", Pathak told IANS.

If you don't see it, slide your finger up the screen to view the list of apps available within the launcher. If you want more control on the notifications, you can enable OnePlus Laboratory - a hidden feature in the Oxygen OS (this means it should also work on the upcoming OnePlus 5T).

Bixby may have negative value for Samsung, says one analyst, as it is "hopelessly outclassed" even by Apple's Siri. Again, I didn't have chance to check the limits of functionality and compatibility with iOS on the hands-on session, so again it will be worth holding off for T3's full Galaxy Watch review.