Environmentalists decry Trump 'dirty power' plan: 'A recipe for climate disaster'

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The Trump administration moved to dismantle another major piece of President Barack Obama's environmental legacy on Tuesday, proposing to dramatically scale back restrictions on climate-changing emissions from coal-fired power plants even as it acknowledged that could lead to more premature deaths and serious illnesses.

Around 600 coal-fired units at 300 facilities could be covered by the proposed rule.

President Trump's own Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conceded Tuesday that replacing President Obama's climate plan for electric utilities with his new plan will be a public health disaster and cost the economy billions. By 2030, carbon dioxide levels would be between 0.7% 1.5% lower than they would have without any regulation in place, according to an EPA analysis.

The transforming energy market - cheap, abundant natural gas is displacing more carbon-heavy coal - is helping keep a lid on emissions, but the new Trump administration plan does not provide any meaningful cuts and could even make the situation worse by propping up old coal plants.

The Trump administration's proposed regulation is going to be available for public review and comment for 60 days. "Climate change is real", McCarthy said in a statement. In other words, it's not going to move the needle much, though the talking points also inexplicably label the plan "comparable" to the Obama regulations.

That the EPA's own analysis suggests the proposal will do more harm than good creates a legal vulnerability, according to Revesz, because federal agencies have an obligation to make policies that are not arbitrary or capricious under the Administrative Procedure Act, the 1946 law governing the regulatory and rule-making powers of federal agencies. He led a coalition of 27 states, utilities and trade associations in a legal challenge of the rule, which ultimately resulted in the U.S. Supreme Court halting its implementation.

Environmentalists decry Trump 'dirty power' plan: 'A recipe for climate disaster'
Environmentalists decry Trump 'dirty power' plan: 'A recipe for climate disaster'

Trump, who is expected to tout the plan at a rally Tuesday night in West Virginia, loves what he has called "beautiful, clean coal" and has launched a widespread effort to save the energy source from disappearing from the US energy mix.

Last year, IN passed a law that said the state couldn't enact environmental rules more stringent than federal ones without a review. By contrast, the EPA says that the new rule would reduce carbon emissions from the power sector by just 1.5 percent (PDF).

Stevens says if the Clean Power Plan was implemented, it would have decreased the use of IN coal by about 10 million tons - resulting IN the loss of thousands of coal mining jobs.

The Clean Power Plan had a goal of cutting carbon emissions 32 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030. "Since 2005, TVA has already reduced our carbon output by almost 50% with some of the changes we've made in our generation portfolio".

Texas Republicans are cheering the Trump Administration's proposal to roll back the Clean Power Plan. "We've got the cleanest country in the planet right now", Trump said.

"This proposal, we believe, is arbitrary and capricious", he said. Those are expected to include technical adjustments within the plants themselves to burn coal more efficiently and not more elaborate plans to shift energy to alternative fuels, like natural gas or wind and solar power.