Aretha Franklin died without a will despite $80 million fortune, reports claim

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Madonna paid homage to the legendary singer Aretha Franklin at the MTV VMAs on Monday, but the tribute didn't sit well with some fans of the "Queen of Soul". Thank GOD Aretha Franklin existed, because if she didn't, we wouldn't have Madonna!

The Queen of Soul passed away at her Detroit home after a long battle with pancreatic cancer last Thursday, August 16. "I'm surprised no other artists mentioned her tonight". Actually, who everyone?Show some R-E-S-P-E-C-TMadonna gets roasted P.S. why is Travis Scott dressed like a minion? (Jemal Countess/Getty Images) In this March 26, 1973, file photo, soul singer Aretha Franklin appears at a news conference. "It seems simple to me, but to some, I guess, feeling takes courage".

The 72-year-old pop star/actress is still going strong and during a gig in Atlantic City she admitted that she was once made to feel insecure about her age, because of her Witches of Eastwick director George Miller and co-star Jack Nicholson.

"Why not?" she said of her mindset about the audition.

Marc Snetiker of Entertainment Weekly described the speech on Twitter as: "Madonna presents an Aretha Franklin tribute by Madonna featuring Madonna with Madonna and Madonna as "Madonna". 'Cause I wasn't Madonna yet. This percentage should be so much higher, because the more you make, the more your estate might be worth, and this increases the likelihood people will fight over your stuff - even a relatively modest amount.

"She sings "You better think, think what you're trying to do to me", prodding compliance from the hapless men around her with a jabbing index finger and that no-nonsense voice".

Madonna ruined the Aretha Tribute on the #VMAs in 2018.

Christenson said whether it's a multi-million dollar estate or a more modest one for the everyday working person, it's always good idea to have a will in place to make sure your wishes are met.

"Aretha will probably not be wearing the white fur and have the gold mic with her during the open casket showing, as her family wants to keep the items untouched and spotless for her burial", a source close to the family allegedly told Radar.

So, let me ask you one question: Do you love your children/family?