Another trial looms on horizon for Manafort

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A federal court jury in Alexandria, Virginia completed its second day of deliberations without reaching a verdict in the first trial stemming from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's 15-month-old investigation of Russia's role in the 2016 USA election.

There is still no verdict in the Paul Manafort trial, yet that hasn't stopped President Donald Trump from weighing in on the case.

A Manafort conviction would allow Democrats and Mueller's supporters to say ending the investigation would be premature. The president also offered a full-throated defense of Manafort's character and painted him as a victim of special counsel Robert Mueller.

The trial has not touched on Russian Federation or the 2016 election.

The fact that Manafort faces a second trial is entirely of his own choosing.

Prosecutors outlined schemes allegedly used by Manafort to avoid paying USA taxes on the millions of dollars he earned in Ukraine and then deposited in bank accounts in Cyprus.

Manafort surrendered to the FBI a year ago after a federal grand jury indicted him and his business associate Rick Gates.

Ellis said that he had not anticipated the intense public interest in the case and the emotion surrounding it before the former Trump campaign manager's trial began more than two weeks ago.

Neither prosecutors nor Mr. Manafort's legal team objected to withholding the names. "This is a case about lies".

Westling said that is the reason the defense chose to rest Its case without calling any witnesses to testify, including Manafort himself. If convicted on all counts, he could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Jurors asked the judge Thursday to redefine "reasonable doubt" for them.

But if any juror has a reasonable doubt - "a doubt based in reason", Ellis said - then Manafort's presumption of innocence would still be intact. He has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

The prosecution's key witness was Manafort's former business partner Rick Gates, who admitted to have defrauded Manafort.

When someone must disclose a foreign bank account to the Treasury Department. DMP International itself was not indicted - though as a company it could have been, Ellis had told the jury previously.

Other questions concerned a definition, the law regarding offshore bank reports and help regarding exhibits. Since 1995's landmark O.J. Simpson trial, jury deliberations in controversial acquittals have often themselves become media-driven news cycles.