White Helmets expected to be resettled in United Kingdom after rescue from Syria

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In the first public statement by the United Nations, the UNHCR acknowledged it had received 422 Syrians who were seeking asylum in Canada, Germany and Britain at the request of these countries.

From the 800, 378 remain stuck and it's unclear how many other White Helmet volunteers are also trying to get across.

The White Helmets are search-and-rescue volunteers who...

How did the operation come about?

400 White Helmet volunteers and their families have been evacuated from southwest Syria to Jordan via Israel to await new lives in the U.S. and Europe.

Three minutes later, sirens were heard in communities on the Golan Heights region, located near the Lebanese and Syrian borders.

The army, backed by a Russian air campaign, has been pushing into the edges of Quneitra province following an offensive last month that routed rebels in adjoining Deraa province who were once backed by Washington, Jordan and Gulf states.

The latest deal for Quneitra was reached on Thursday.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's administration regards the White Helmets as agents of Western powers.

How was it carried out?

The group have been lauded for their heroism by the US, UN, and others, but have been criticized by supporters of Syria's government and its ally Russian Federation, who accuse them of being a front group for Al-Qaeda or acting in Western interests.

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer told Bild newspaper that Germany would take in eight White Helmets members and their families.

As many as 300 White Helmets are still trapped in Syria after an Israeli evacuation Sunday of hundreds of the rescue workers and their family members, according to a member of the group who left CNN a series of voicemails on the situation.

Jordan said on Sunday that it had taken in 800 White Helmets rescuers and their families from Israel and plans to transfer them to the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany.

The rescue workers and their families who evacuated to Jordan will now be resettled overseas. As of April 2018, the organization says it has saved more than 114,000 lives, while losing 204 volunteers in the process.

The British International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt and Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the Syrian volunteers and their family "have been able to leave Syria for safety" following a joint diplomatic effort by Britain and its international partners.

"We pay tribute to the fearless and selfless work that White Helmets volunteers have done to save Syrians on all sides of the conflict".

The White Helmets "used to see death while doing our work saving lives from underneath airstrikes and barrel bombs".

But with the Syrian government having regained control of much of the country, and moving to wrest back the last of several rebel-held areas in recent weeks, there had been concerns that dozens of White Helmets stranded on the border with Jordan would become targets for Syrian troops.