Trump says he ‘gave up nothing’ at meeting with Putin

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"I have a different view on this issue than the president and the White House", Rubio said.

Reaction to his comments were swift and critical - even among his Republican Party. Bob Casey, blasted Trump's conduct in Helsinki as "dangerous and reckless". On both questions, those who say they "strongly disapprove" of Trump's performance outnumber those who say they "strongly approve, " by better than 2 to 1. In contrast, Trump declined to press Putin on a single policy issue, and sided with Putin over his own intelligence chiefs in denying Russia's interference in the USA elections.

The most sensational statement that Trump made was that "our relationship has never been worse than it is now".

According to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released on Sunday, 50 percent of Americans disapprove of how the president dealt with his summit with Putin, with only 33 percent approving of it. Wallace said. "Yeah, I'm going to make that argument". The rest have no opinion.

"The great mystery is why the president has not spoken up for our country and we saw that most clearly in this recent meeting with Putin", she said. He clarified his support for the president in a statement.

Another outspoken Republican critic of Trump has been Senator John McCain of Arizona.

During the interview, Wallace attempted to hand Putin a copy of special counsel Robert Mueller's indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officers for hacking the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign. But a smaller 31 percent disapprove, with 18 percent offering no opinion.

For his part, Barletta said in a statement released by his campaign that he, too, agrees with US intelligence agencies, and that he will "continue to do everything I can" to prevent Russian Federation from doing so again.

He tweeted Monday as criticism of his comments started to emerge, stating his confidence in USA intelligence, but also pushed the necessity for a close working relationship with Russian Federation. "Here's what we will never know, we will never know whether or not the Federal Bureau of Investigation had enough without the [Steele] dossier, the DNC-funded dossier because they included it and everyone who reads this FISA application sees the amount of reliance they placed on this product funded by Hillary Clinton's campaign and the DNC". "So, certainly as the leader of a country you would have to hold him responsible, yes", Trump said.

Watch: Trump denies Russian Federation still targeting U.S.

Despite facing major blowback, Trump, in characteristic fashion, doubled down on his affinity for Putin.

Trump was again heard saying "no".

In contrast to many surveys about the president and politics, the Helsinki poll produced only modest gender differences.

Trump's anger over having to answer Lemire's question - not his failure in attempting to do so - lingered on. Overall results have a margin of sampling error of 5.5 percentage points, which is larger among subgroups.