Trump Continues With Claims That Page FISA App Discredits Mueller Probe

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U.S. President Donald Trump said on Twitter on Sunday that it was looking more and more like his presidential campaign was illegally spied upon. As a private consultant, Steele was hired to investigate Trump's ties to Russian Federation as part of opposition research funded by Democrats.

The application contains a page-length explanation that does alert the court that the person who commissioned Steele's research was "likely looking for information to discredit" Trump's campaign.

"This is what happens in a banana republic", he said, adding that the reports show former President Obama's Justice Department "spied on the campaign of an opposing party. using opposition research that Hillary Clinton paid for". Trump tweeted about the release of the documents early Sunday morning from Bedminster, New Jersey, where he is spending the weekend. The document adds that "The FBI speculates that the identified U.S. person was likely looking for information that could be used to discredit [Trump's] campaign".

The president's reaction put him at odds with senior members of his own Justice Department.

It also said Mr Page "has established relationships with Russian government officials, including Russian intelligence officers". Rep. Adam Schiff, Calif., the ranking Democrat on the House intelligence committee, said he believes the documents "affirm that our nation faced a profound counterintelligence threat prior to the 2016 election".

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida said he didn't think the Federal Bureau of Investigation did anything wrong in obtaining warrants against Page.

On Sunday, Page said on CNN's "State of the Union": "I've never been the agent of a foreign power". "They laid out all the information and there was a lot of reasons for why they wanted to look at Carter Page".

The application materials also identify the four judges who approved the wiretap and its extensions; all are appointees of Republican presidents.

"It's literally a complete joke", he told Tapper.

Mr Page today dismissed the claim, branding them "so ridiculous".

"This is so ridiculous", he said. "Right?!" Page texted Strzok in August 2016.

Mr. Trump's portrayal, which came as the administration is trying to fix the damage from his widely criticized meeting with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russian Federation, revived the claims put forward in February by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee.

"Totally false", Page said on CNN. He never participated in any policy meetings.

The president, however, didn't mention that in his latest hoax tweet Sunday, and Rucker pointed out that Trump "suggested overall that it was a hoax".

To some degree, it is good to know what the president believes about the intelligence on Russian Federation.

To date, no evidence to support the claim that the Trump campaign colluded with Russian Federation during the 2016 presidential elections has surfaced.

The government had monitored Page under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), and the heavily redacted documents were made public after media organisations sued for their release under the Freedom of Information Act. "The only plot here is the plot to interfere in our election by the Russians". "All of this blather that you've heard - now, unfortunately for years - rests on this conspiracy theory, this phonied-up warrant, that was used as a means to go after this Carter Page guy".