Trump blames ‘double negative’ for furor over Putin meeting

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As Trump was declaring his "full faith and support" for U.S. intelligence agencies, the lights in the Cabinet Room went dark. Didn't get very much play relatively speaking. "You don't believe that to be the case?"

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Democrats are demanding a hearing with the translator in the room for the meeting between Trump and Putin, fearful the president revealed national intelligence.

"Russia is trying to undermine democracy itself".

Within a day, Trump backtracked and accepted agency findings that Russian Federation had interfered with the 2016 presidential election. I have tremendous faith in Dan Coats, and if he says that, I would accept that.

According to a transcript posted by the White House, he said: "My people came to me. they said they think it's Russian Federation". "The system is blinking".

"It's imperative we get to the bottom of what is going on so we can be prepared to protect ourselves in advance of the 2018 elections", Graham said. "Today, the digital infrastructure that serves this country is literally under attack".

"I feel really good the language we have could pass".

He acknowledged the assessments made by USA intelligence agencies, which held Russian Federation responsible for meddling in the presidential election.

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President Donald Trump during an interview with CBS Evening News

Friends and foes alike had put Trump under intense pressure to explain why he appeared to back the word of Vladimir Putin regarding alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 USA election.

Asked if a recording of the meeting existed, Sanders said: "I'm not aware of one".

However, he added he believes "Russia's actions had no impact at all on the outcome of the election". Among other things, Trump refused to denounce Putin and Russian Federation for interfering in the 2016 presidential election and attacked special counsel Robert MuellerRobert Swan MuellerSasse: US should applaud choice of Mueller to lead Russian Federation probe MORE's probe, calling it a "disaster" for the country.

"When I heard that he said no it really bothered me 'cause that's a disconnect between the intel", Graham said.

"He is consumed with talk of no collusion", another official said, saying Trump had repeated it all day and "thinks it's the answer to everything". "We couldn't trust them", Flaskey said as he sat in a Norfolk barbershop. On Wednesday, Trump said, "there's never been a president as tough on Russian Federation as I have been".

When Glor asks, "What did you say to him?" during their private meeting, Trump responds, "Very strong on the fact that we can't have meddling".

But, as seen at Trump's meeting with Putin in Helsinki this week, Trump has veered away from that evidence and even cast doubts on the work of the US intelligence community, The New York Times added.

Rubio said he wants to find compromise language that could pass quickly on the floor because he is concerned the legislation could get bogged down in the Banking Committee or in a lengthy floor debate. And he can't take that.

Sanders denied that was what the White House was doing. So there are some tough measures the White House can point to. But this is a very big deal. Trump has been scrambling to undo the damage from his comments on Monday in which he gave credence to Putin's denials over the conclusions of American intelligence services.