These Amazon Devices Are $20 (or Less) for Prime Day

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About half of Amazon's sales are from its Marketplace, which hosts third-party sellers, and it's been trying to add more of them to its mix to broaden its selection. Notable ones to watch include and BestBlackFriday, which is tracking Prime Day 2018 prices with those of Black Friday 2017. Additionally, you can expect big savings on video games, consoles, gaming accessories, 4K TVs, other electronics, apparel, outdoor gear, baby products, and almost anything else you can buy at the online retailer. Students get an even better deal: their Prime membership begins with a free six-month trial.

It is a great time to look at FitBits, according to the discount site The biggest deal for those of us without patience, is the free 2-day shipping on most of the stuff we buy.

Dash buttons have seen some significant discounts as well.

Amazon's Echo devices sometimes get first crack at exclusive deals.

Amazon is expected to do an eye-watering $3.5 billion in sales today (more than three times the $1.1 billion in sales it does on an average retail day), and this year Whole Foods will be in the mix too.

To start with, buyers using an SBI credit card will get an instant 10 percent discount, and the sale will last for a total of 80 hours.

Remember, to actually unlock these savings you'll need an Amazon Prime account. The most optimistic are those earning more than $100,000, a segment that dovetails nicely with Amazon Prime members.

The Amazon Fire Stick has been reduced, but you can save yourself some money on Amazon Prime Day 2018. However, you can cancel before that month ends to avoid being charged anything. Pages within Amazon's mobile app have also been affected, showing an error page with a photo of a dog. All the aforementioned benefits can be availed by purchasing the Amazon Prime membership.

You can set notifications for your favourite items to see if they come on sale, as well as preview deals before they go online.