There's room for small businesses to compete with Prime Day

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Throughout the sale, Amazon will offer a lot of deals and discounts on products across various categories.

With Amazon Prime Day coming up in just one short week, we already can't wait to shop the online retail giant's major deals. The only catch? You have to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of the deals. The grocery store will also have deals open exclusively to Prime members, such as 40 percent off boneless chicken breasts and buy-one-get-one-free Honey Nut Cheerios.

Similar to Amazon Prime video, Prime subscribers are also eligible for a free, unrestricted access to Amazon Prime music.

Speaking with AList, Twitch's EVP of commerce, developers and Twitch Prime Ethan Evans describes the event as a "thank you" to Prime members.

AMU streaming stands at £9.99 per month, chipped down to £7.99 for Amazon Prime members. And if you're still not sure what the whole deal with Amazon Prime Day is, we've got you covered.

Amazon India has announced the launch of Amazon Prime Day Experience Zones via Virtual Reality in select cities for the upcoming Prime Day on June 16.

Items on sale now for $119 include unlocked Apple iPhone SE or Motorola MOTO smartphones; GoPro Hero5; Dyson hand-held vacuums; Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness watches; and Mongoose bikes, among others. For both of those deals, know that once the trial pricing is up, you will automatically be renewed at full price if you don't cancel. The company's acquisition of Whole Foods a year ago and the kind of steps they are taking to cross-promote the high-end grocery chain with members who are availing their Prime Service, will surely give a further boost to their retail business.

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If you've got the disposable income, feel free to indulge in that fashionable tissue-box cover or jumbo wine glass.