Senator Graham Slams Democratic Dissent of Kavanaugh

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It is likely to be one of the more important decisions of his presidency. John McCain (R-Ariz.) out indefinitely as he battles brain cancer.

Then he addressed criticisms of Trump's pick, stemming from Kavanaugh's opinion that a president should be exempt from criminal prosecution and investigation - which is particularly troubling to many, considering Special Counsel Robert Mueller is neck deep in his mission to determine if there was any collusion between Trump's campaign and Russian Federation.

Supreme Court appointments are for life.

Richard Primus, the Theodore J. St. Antoine Collegiate Professor of Law at the University of MI, said absent an unexpected change in the composition of the Senate or a scandal, it's likely Kavanaugh will be confirmed despite any Democratic opposition.

Heller is running for reelection in a state Hillary Clinton won. Other senators on this list declined that invite. "I look forward to meeting with Judge Kavanaugh, examining his rulings and making a determination of whether to provide my consent".

The mistake played into concerns among conservatives that Democrats planned to blindly oppose anyone Trump might choose to nominate. He is vowing that there will be a thorough vetting of Kavanaugh in the committee. At the event, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said that he will fight the nomination "with everything I've got".

As a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, Kavanaugh dissented in 2011 from the appeals court's conclusion that Obamacare did not violate the U.S. Constitution.

For his part, Booker - who joined protesters on the steps of the Supreme Court on Monday night just after Kavanaugh's nomination was announced - has echoed activists' warnings that Kavanaugh could undercut Roe v. Wade and the Affordable Care Act, but has focused primarily on arguing that Trump shouldn't appoint a Supreme Court justice while his campaign's ties to Russian Federation are the subject of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

Asked Tuesday if that means he wants assurance from Kavanaugh on the issue in order to vote for him, Manchin said he wants to do a deep dive looking at his rulings and findings.

"Her example taught me the importance of equality for all Americans", Kavanaugh said.

Kavanaugh is Trump's pick to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, who resigns at the end of the month. Kavanaugh clerked under Kennedy.

"This, of course, is another peculiarity of the Trump presidency: blockbuster news has a way of popping out of nowhere and dominating the conversation in ways that no one expected".

"We need to look at his record, and his record isn't only as a judge", said Sen.

WEDDINGTON:.Kavanaugh, will be turned down. She cast one of the decisive votes last summer that helped sink the GOP health care bill, infuriating the right and Trump. More than half of that was royalty payments for the books he had written. Whitehouse was the only senator to raise the climate issue at the confirmation hearing for Gorsuch, saying looser campaign finance laws backed by the high court are allowing the fossil fuel industry to influence elections. Kavanaugh has stated that he considers Roe v. Wade binding and would seek to uphold it, though he has ruled in some cases to place restrictions on abortion. Plus, Kavanaugh has a conservative record on abortion, but he has also testified to the Senate in the past that he would respect Roe. That's something that Paul, who has a strong libertarian streak, has been vocal about opposing.

At the announcement, Kavanaugh stood with his wife and two daughters and said he was "humbled" by the nomination. Realistically, how much of an impact do you think Democrats can have on this process?

Democratic leaders, who have lambasted the pick, have no way to stop the nomination without picking up GOP votes.

"On the issue of whether the president is categorically entitled to decline to respond to a grand jury subpoena", Dellinger said, "we have two unanimous decisions very close to resolving the question". "It's about government taking on the decision about a woman and what she does with her body, instead of giving that woman and her family and her God the power to make the decision for herself".