Jeremy Hunt: real risk of 'accidental' no-deal Brexit

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Mrs Leadsom said it was incumbent on the Government to "make the case" for the Chequers agreement.

Co-author of the report Professor Tim Lang, of the City University of London, criticised contingency plans from the Government to suspend food regulations in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

He told the Sunday Telegraph: 'You can't have one side fulfilling its side of the bargain and the other side not, or going slow, or failing to commit.

If the two sides can not agree in eight months then the United Kingdom will leave without a deal being in place.

'There is obviously an attempt to try and ramp up the pressure'.

The EU parliament as well as national parliaments of EU nations and Britain need to ratify a deal before the United Kingdom leaves in March.

Raab even seems to have managed the extraordinary feat of leaving the famously doom-laden business leaders - including chiefs from Lloyds, Shell, Morrison's and Amazon - feeling "marginally more positive than when they went in".

Eleven ministers and ministerial aides, including Foreign minister Boris Johnson and Brexit minister David Davis, have resigned since the White Paper was agreed, putting Theresa May's government on the brink of collapse.

Claiming some of his fellow Tory MPs are "actively seeking" a no deal outcome from European Union divorce negotiations, Mr Grieve insisted he was not "scaremongering" about the impact of such an outcome.

Principal opposition to May's softer Brexit approach, which would see Britain agree to adopt EU rules in some areas of trade, is centered in the Conservative Party's European Research Group (ERG), which has a vocal presence among MPs.

"I think they do not wish to remove her is a charitable way of saying they don't think they can".

Downing Street said on Sunday that cabinet ministers would be promoting the plan across Europe over the summer.

Jeremy Hunt has upped the pressure on European Union countries over Brexit, warning they could force a "no deal by accident" scenario.

His hard-line stance comes as UK Prime Minister Theresa May and senior ministers on Monday started what has been described as a "Brexit charm offensive".

"So if we were going to find something that was Britain's interest, that delivered on the referendum and that was negotiable, we had to make what is a compromise but is a positive in terms of the benefits it gives us".

The authors of Feeding Britain: Food Security after Brexit say a careless Brexit poses significant risks to food flows into and out of the United Kingdom and they urge the Government, industry and public to keep focused on food.