Intelligence Director on Putin Invite: 'Say That Again?'

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Rep. Ted Yoho, a Florida Republican who has been a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump, said the USA should "absolutely not" invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to Washington.

While U.S. President Donald Trump defended his efforts to build a relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, aides said on Friday there is some frustration that the U.S. intelligence chief did not know about plans for a second summit and they hope that meeting will follow a more traditional pattern. He advised against a one-on-one meeting with Putin, saying he "would look for a different way of doing it". He just said it's not Russian Federation.

"It is hard for me to believe that he was dragged kicking and screaming through each and every one of these decisions", Vajdich said.

"So I had a meeting that lasted for more than two hours. Sort of a double negative". If I was loud & vicious, I would have been criticized for being too tough.

'I said the word would instead of wouldn't, ' he says regarding Russian interference in 2016 US election. "There are lots of people out there".

The US president had initially described the proposal as an "incredible offer".

The U.S. and Russia have been on opposing sides of the conflict in Ukraine, unleashed after a popular uprising against a pro-Russian president and Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014. In exchange, he said, Russian authorities could interview several Americans the Kremlin accuses of unspecified crimes.

"We want very much to have a strong Russian Federation because a strong, competent, prosperous, stable Russian Federation is we think in the interest of the world", Clinton can be heard saying in the video. Trump appeared to answer "no" to a reporter's question asking whether Russian Federation was still targeting the U.S. Hours later, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders emerged to say Trump had merely tried to put a stop to the questioning by saying "no", although he continued discussing Russian Federation after that.

When asked about Russian election meddling, Trump appeared to reject the conclusions of the USA intelligence community and to accept Putin's denial that Russia's hands were clean.

The next point is about the threatening approach towards Russian Federation.

"Thank you very much, no", Trump said.

"Say that again", Coats said, cupping his ear, when NBC journalist Andrea Mitchell told him the breaking news.

Putin told the channel: "We talked about Ukraine". She said Trump was saying "no" to answering additional questions - although that didn't appear to be the case because he elaborated on Russian Federation.

"The president is wrong", GOP Sen.

"President Putin has visited the White House before".

Many in the White House did not immediately see fault in Sanders' comments that the West Wing was merely considering the Kremlin offer, but it provided fresh tinder for the bipartisan firestorm. Moreover, in this equation, we should consider other variables such as "NATO" and "EU".Of the 29 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members, 26 are the EU member states, namely the countries that are basically trying to highlight the "Russian threat" around themselves. "Tightening now hurts all that we have done", Trump tweeted.

The reason he can't go back is linked to the man Putin did mention during the news conference.

Russia's ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov on Wednesday claimed Trump made "important verbal agreements" with Putin, including on issues such as arm control and the conflict in Syria.

The notion of a $400 million donation to the Democrat's campaign would be out of the question.

In the same interview, Trump took a swipe at his predecessor, claiming that Barack Obama was a "total patsy" for Russian Federation.