Fortnite: Players Can Take A Break During These Times

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This should prove to be good news for players who have been waiting for the release of the game on Android.

July 24 is actually the one year anniversary of Fortnite Save the World's launch, rather than the Battle Royale mode, which didn't arrive until September last year. Yes, according to a new report: the game has generated a massive $1 billion worth of sales through microtransactions.

Because Epic Games is the creator of Fortnite, it has more resources to put together bigger tournaments with higher stakes.

Incentives to earn eliminations and push for attacks were minimal and late-game matches remained boring as dozens of players took a cautious route and stayed hidden within their forts.

Battle Royale Revenue
Source Super Data Research

Furthermore, the fact that most of the Android user-base comprises of users with budget phones (i.e. phones with low specifications) is bound to take the fun away from the game.

Fortnite has, in turn, helped Blevins, a former professional esports athlete, become a celebrity in his own right, complete with multi-million-dollar sponsorships, official merchandise, and an invitation to the 2018 ESPY Awards. The future looks bright for battle royale, with revenues expected to grow to $20.1bn in 2019.

Epic Games' Fortnite, the free-to-play battle royale, has reportedly generated over $1 billion from in-game purchases since its release last October.

Shortly before the downtime, the Week 2 challenges were listed to go live in six hours time. meaning that we could be waiting another 5 hours from the time of writing before the game comes back online. The still young Battle Royale game has completely usurped PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in both mind and market share - earning Epic games respect and a heck of a lot of money. Though the figures, apparel, and more have not been shown, fans of Funko's merchandise know distorted proportions and cute aesthetics are in store.