First, RaGa says PM can't see eye-to-eye, then hugs him

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This government stands with Muslim women in their quest for justice.

During the morning session the opposition Congress leader Rahul Gandhi unleashed a scathing attack on the PM and the BJP bringing in demonitisation, GST, the Rafale deal and the widespread lynching of people who oppose them in the country. During his speech, Modi was seen smiling.

Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi's hug to PM Modi and his eye winking action to the Prime Minister remained the talking point of the day. No one abstained during the vote, however several members - including those from the BJD - were not present in the House during the vote. Let me tell this member: it is the people who elected us. "That is how we have come here", he said.

"So the Prime Minister and his party president act out of fear".

Modi tried to hide under the veil of 14th Finance Commission and Special Package. "India will be watching us closely", Modi tweeted ahead of the no trust vote in the House.

As Gandhi tried to walk away, PM Modi signaled him to come back. "It is a war between majority and morality".

PM Modi said his fate was in the hands of 125 crore people of India. It is a war against discrimination shown by the Modi regime towards Andhra Pradesh. The youth in India believed in the Prime Minister. But, Congress wants to utilise it as a platform to highlight the government's failures.

Though Rahul's peace gesture initially caught the treasury side off-guard, the BJP made a decision to go on the offensive and move a privilege motion against the Congress leader for putting forth "falsehood and misleading the Parliament" about the Rafale Deal and for violating House Rules with his conduct. The defence minister and the Prime Minister have not been truthful. "I am the Congress", said Gandhi, while the MPs, including Modi and the speaker, could be seen breaking into laughter.

"The Prime Minister and the BJP president are a different type of politicians". Nirmala Sitharaman has lied to the country. When the protests drew loud protests from the BJP members including the Parliamentary Affairs Minister, he hit back. The entire country has seen the Prime Minister can not look me in the eye. At times, he is looking here, at other times, he is looking there...

Again and again, he said, the Congress party questioned his initiatives to make peace with China, never once realising that by doing so it was creating "political instability".

T Chandrashekhar Rao's Telangana Rashtra Samiti, - which is neither part of the ruling NDA, nor the rival camp - has chose to abstain from the no-trust vote against the Narendra Modi govermment in Lok Sabha.