China files WTO challenge to Trump's tariff hike proposal

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As per the report, Li Chenggang, assistant minister at the commerce ministry, said that the US' proposals are interfering with globalization of the world economy, and that China's support towards a multilateral trade system will never waiver.

Luca Jahier, the president of the European Economic and Social Committee, spoke before the yearly China-EU summit.

Jahier said he strongly opposes protectionism. That was been a key factor in China's export boom. But Chinese officials have tried to appeal to American companies as allies.

Investment in factories, housing and other fixed assets decelerated in the latest quarter, down 1.5 percentage points from the first quarter. He told VOA that the slowing of China's economy has been more modest than many experts expected.

However, the growth remains above Beijing's target of 6.5 percent. Up to now Beijing has waited for the U.S. to "fire the first shot" in the escalating trade war. European leaders have criticized Trump's tactics but share US criticism of China's industrial policy and market barriers.

Besides the steel and aluminium tariffs on U.S. trading partners, in July Trump implemented tariffs on $34bn worth of Chinese imports, drawing a tit-for-tat response from Beijing. Talks between USA and Chinese officials have not yet restarted.

Asked whether China used Monday's meeting to try to form an alliance with the European Union against Washington, Li said the dispute was a bilateral matter for Beijing and the United States to solve.

Darson Chiu is a researcher at the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research.

"Export growth will cool in the coming months as US tariffs start to bite alongside a broader softening in global demand", said Evans-Pritchard.

Trump imposed $34 billion of tariffs on China, and another round of $16 billion is around the corner.

Exporters say American orders started to fall off as early as April as the war of words between Trump and Beijing intensified.

The US government on Monday announced challenges at the World Trade Organization (WTO) to the counter-tariffs that some of the country's major trading partners have initiated in response to tariffs against them from US President Donald Trump.

Raymond Yeung is an economist at the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group.

Tesla, the biggest name in electric cars, sealed a crucial agreement to build a fully owned plant in China, only the company's second assembly line anywhere in the world.

But the Chinese economy is thought to need around ten percent growth to prevent an economic slowdown.

The EU and China agreed to set up a working group to reform the WTO in late June, and issues such as industrial subsidies, mandatory technology transfers and market access barriers - the concerns about China shared by the EU and the USA - are expected to be raised under that framework.

He said concerns over the trade war were dragging down markets, with investors spooked by the ratcheting up of trade war tensions. Resolving global trade disputes is a key role of the WTO.

Many Apple products, such as the iPhone, are manufactured in China and thus would not be subject to tariffs. George Grow was the editor. On Sina Weibo, a platform similar to Twitter, a user going by "Wei zhi yan" noted that when Chinese citizens suffer from the failed one-child policy or from exorbitant prices on medicines, the Chinese regime does not talk about "overcoming troubles together"-only when "foreign governments threaten to do something".