What to expect from Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference

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Today is the day Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference kicks off, with the keynote speech kicking things off at 6pm BST.

Just like other years, the company has been tight-lipped about the event and surprisingly leaks are also scarce. Sales of this latest hardware, which Apple launched in February, have been unimpressive.

Now, having played around with multiple smart assistants like Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant I can safely say that Siri really needs to up its game.

Apple is likely to talk about some new features for all its software platforms - WWDC is a developer conference after all. Apple always announces updates to iOS at WWDC and today should be no exception. iOS 12 will reportedly give us better NFC options, an updated health app and more parental controls.

Earlier this month, Google announced a suite of tools (coming soon) to help people achieve balance in their digital lives, citing that 70 per cent of users wanted help with regulating their digital wellbeing. Not much is known about tvOS 12, but expect some announcements around Apple's original content strategy.

iOS 12 is expected to be a modest update compared to previous major builds. Per Forbes, the focus will be on "stability and bug-catching, rather than any significant changes to the OS".

One feature Apple may highlight is digital health, with the iPhone-maker talking up new tools to help you manage (and cut back on) how much time you spend on your phone, Bloomberg reported.

But done well, this could be an extremely exciting development that ends up making both platforms more powerful, and leads to even tighter integration in the Apple ecosystem.

One of the biggest giants of the tech world, Apple, is all set for the first of the two blockbuster conferences it holds every year. Apple has since apologized and offered replacement batteries for a fee. Additionally, it also adds that there could be a possible redesigned home screen or updates to bundled apps that were originally said to be delayed.

What WWDC Means to Apple Investors? It's going to be a long night for China-based Apple enthusiasts, who will need to wait until 1 a.m. on Tuesday, June 5, for the keynote presentation to begin, not to mention those of you living in Australia.