Video game addiction is now being recognised as a mental health 'disorder'

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This classification means health professionals and systems will be more "alerted to the existence of this condition" while boosting the possibility that "people who suffer from these conditions can get appropriate help", Vladimir Poznyak, a member of the WHO's Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, was quoted as telling the CNN.

The World Health Organization has announced that it considers gaming disorder a mental health condition.

According to the newest IDC, this disorder is defined by a person playing and spending too long with their video games to an extent where gaming overshadows other aspects of life like personal relationships and performance at workplace or even school.

"Studies suggest that gaming disorder affects only a small proportion of people who engage in digital or video-gaming activities", a briefing on the disorder said.

This adds gaming to a list of behaviours that can become problematic if people lose control over them, including gambling and disorders related to the use of substances like alcohol, marijuana, caffeine, or nicotine.

The most recent update took 14 years of research and feedback before it was published, meaning a new edition that includes gaming could still be years away.

We believe that the brain's wiring for pleasure centers react the same way to video gaming, and it is highly possible to "dope" your brain so that it thinks it needs gaming to keep the stimulus up.

World Health Organization has entries for both online and offline gaming disorders, which vary only in the specification of whether or not the game has online multiplayer or not.

Kaufmann said a video game addiction can start to form when a person "abandons a lot of different life areas that most of us would agree lead to higher levels of fulfillment and happiness". Medical practitioners and by researchers around the world use it to diagnose and categorise conditions.

The International Classification of Diseases is an official publication of the U.N.'s health agency. It's also when that gamer also can not control their behavior.

If you suspect that your child has a gaming disorder, it's important to seek help for it.

The psychological community has been debating whether gaming is addictive enough to be described as a disorder for some time.

KAMENETZ: Complicating the picture further, clinicians say those who show problems with video games often have a co-occurring condition, such as depression, anxiety, ADHD or being on the autism spectrum.

The organization now considers gender dysphoria to be a "sexual health" condition.

Say said she thought the text, which is the result of years of discussion among experts, would easily win approval, despite widespread lack of acceptance of transgender people in many parts of the world.