Trump disrupts G-7 gender equality meeting by arriving late

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The president also called Trudeau "indignant" on trade and accused Canada of charging the U.S.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Deputy Assistant to the President for International Economic Affairs Everett Eissenstat, will represent the United States for the G7 sessions that Trump will skip Saturday.

Tusk had earlier lamented that the "rules-based worldwide order is being challenged" by current US President Donald Trump. He will fly to Singapore to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, which he described as a "mission of peace".

A tardy Donald Trump created a distraction Saturday when he showed up late for a G7 meeting on women's empowerment.

Trump missed Trudeau's introductory statement at the meeting and entered the room while council co-chair Isabelle Hudon, who is Canada's ambassador to France, was speaking. We have a great relationship. Angela and Emmanuel and Justin.

He also said the USA was so disadvantaged it had nothing to lose in a trade war. "I did suggest it and people I guess were going to go back to the drawing board".

Trump said the G7 leaders were united in their approach to the "threat of Iran" and committed to controlling the country's "nuclear ambitions". "As I said, I blame our past leaders". "And I would recommend - it's up to them".

"I would say that the G8 is a more meaningful group than the G7, absolutely", Trump said.

"I think it would be good for Russian Federation, I think it would be good for the USA, I think it would be good for all of the countries of the current G7". "There is no reason we should have large trade deficits with virtually every country of the world", he said. "If it doesn't happen, we come out even better!", he states.

"The rules-based global order is being challenged, not by the usual suspects but by its main architect and guarantor: the United States, " said European Council President Donald Tusk.

"For us, it was important that we have a commitment for a rule-based trade order, that we continue to fight against protectionism and that we want to reform the WTO", Merkel said.

Morneau said the tariff retaliation would cause "increasing friction" that would impede progress on NAFTA, but added there is a need "to step back from that destructive action so that we can actually get to the real work".

Trump said he pushed for the elimination of trade barriers, including subsidies and tariffs, at the G-7 meeting.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday floated an idea to set up a way to resolve trade disputes between the United States and its allies. "As an example, 270 per cent, nobody knows that". He has made vague claims of progress in talks about the new tariffs, but details are scant and clear differences remain.

Europe and hosts Canada warned US President Donald Trump on Thursday that they will not be intimidated at the G7 summit, despite fears that a trade war will weaken the Western alliance.

"President Trump wants nothing less than wiping out Canadian dairy farming".

The wrangling over whether Russian President Vladimir Putin should be welcomed back to the G7 came as the summit opened with the sharpest divisions in recent history between the United States and its top allies on issues ranging from global trade and tariffs to the worldwide agreements on climate change and Iran's nuclear program.

Trump's press conference Saturday marked his first solo press conference since February 16, 2017.