Russia's #Putin would be ready to host #G7 in Moscow

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Rouhani also had a bilateral meeting with Putin in Qingdao on Saturday and said more talks were needed between their two countries following Washington's "illegal" withdrawal, according to the Kremlin.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has floated an idea to set up a mechanism to resolve trade differences with the United States and prevent future ones, a French official says as consensus appeared to elude G7 leaders at a summit in Canada.

Dismissing everything you might have heard from Sean Hannity, you have to ask yourself, "What the fuck does Putin have on Trump?".

The list of candidates for the G7's theoretical enlargement could perhaps include Australia, South Korea or India, but the prime minister of the latter was actually busy attending the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), in Qingdao, China.

Putin's remarks follow a report that White House officials were working toward setting up a meeting.

"We are talking about laying a gas pipeline", Putin said, addressing energy concerns. "We did not discuss a specific location but many countries offer their support, including Austria", Putin said.

But Mr Trump insisted it would be an "asset" to have Vladimir Putin back at the summit table. Xi and Putin also pledged in a joint declaration to make "all possible efforts" to preserve the global accord on Iran's nuclear program that U.S. President Donald Trump abandoned last month.

"We've had really a very good relationship, very special", the USA president said of Macron, a day after the two leaders had exchanged terse messages on Twitter. Russian Federation was ousted from the group in 2014 because of its approach to Crimea.

Putin stressed that the World Cup is a chance for visitors to learn about Russia's "identity and culture, its unique history and natural diversity; its hospitable, honest and friendly people". We take them on.

Despite tensions in the US-Russia relationship, Putin did not rule out the possibility of a meeting with Trump. "This used to be the G8 and not the G7 and something happened a while ago where Russian Federation is no longer in", he said.

Elsewhere in her remarks, May underscored the need to stop having tit-for-tat actions in a trade war between the European Union and the USA which began after Trump imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from key allies.

Mr Trump posted a series of messages on his favourite social media platform, accusing the European Union and Canada of imposing "massive trade tariffs and non-monetary Trade Barriers" against the US.

Trump, before jumping on Air Force One to fly to Canada which is hosting the G7 summit, called for a return to the body's pre-2014 "G8" formula.

Investors are also concerned about the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which Trump has threatened to terminate. One of the easiest questions to resolve could be the prolongation of the New START treaty, which is set to expire in 2021; though, Trump may be seriously reluctant to embrace this key element of former President Barack Obama's legacy. "And that's what bad faith Justin Trudeau did with that stunt press conference".

"Our position has not changed", said Adam Austen, a spokesman for Foreign Affairs.

When the prospect of such a meeting was recently floated in the media and by the U.S. Ambassador in Moscow Jon Huntsman the usual suspects went into convulsions.

He descended on the small Canadian town of La Malbaie to as frigid a welcome as an American president has ever seen from the longtime allies. On Sunday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel described Trump's decision as "depressing" and a "sobering experience". Putin said on Russian television six days before the four-yearly tournament gets underway.

"It is nothing unusual and should be taken calmly, without irony", he said.

Putin said the G7 countries "again" failed to provide any evidence that his country was behind the Skripal poisoning in the southwest of England. The point isn't that each of those deals was flawless, but to Trump they were disastrous primarily because they involved the United States joining with other countries in the hopes that everyone could emerge better off.

"China and Russian Federation have common interests in regards to the resolution of the Korean crisis", said Alexey Muraviev, a Russian Federation strategic and defense affairs specialist at Curtin University in Perth, Australia.