Republican lawmakers point to positive signs after Calif.

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Second, the California primary put Republican John Cox in the general election for governor running against Democratic Lt. Gov. And he's facing a well-funded Republican this fall, former Celgene CEO Bob Hugin, who coasted in the GOP primary.

"Great night for Republicans!" Mr. Trump said on Twitter Wednesday morning. And the biggest reason remains the president's low approval, despite a very strong economy. The Republican nomination of Donald Trump, despite his tepid support from Republican elected officials and his frequent breaks from Republican orthodoxy, defied the scholarly consensus about how "party elites" are supposed to have sway over their voters. Dianne Feinstein will be pitted against state Sen.

The probability that Democrats will advance to the general election in these three districts is undoubtedly good for the party's prospects of taking back the House of Representatives in November.

Almost 500 San Luis Obispo County residents cast their votes in the California U.S. Senate primary race for a candidate who believes that the Holocaust was a hoax and that Adolf Hitler may have been "the second coming of Jesus Christ". California was the biggest and most chaotic prize on the table.

Republicans anxious that California's primary system - in which the top-two finishers advance to the general election, regardless of party - would result in Republicans candidates getting shut out of the governor's race, depleting Republican voter turnout throughout the state in the general election. It's not clear yet if a Republican earned enough votes to oppose her in November. The Democratic Party "tried to winnow out some of the candidates, but the same excitement and energy that led them to run in the first place makes them unlikely to listen to the national party", DeSipio said.

Democrats were particularly concerned about this possibility in three southern California districts.

The President knows no other game than it's-all-about-me, which will make for tricky balancing for Republicans who need to expand beyond the GOP base in some competitive races.

It's also possible Republicans may not secure a nomination spot in the challenge against Feinstein.

In the race for governor, Cox's second-place finish was a victory for a state GOP that has been shrinking in numbers and influence.

As a crowded field in the California's governor's race narrowed to two and Democratic candidate Gavin Newsom got his wish to face a Republican opponent in the deep-blue state, Democrats on Wednesday began sizing up the potential pitfalls of the match-up for a number of high-profile races in November.

In Montana, Republicans were happy to see state auditor Matt Rosendale emerge victorious in the primary race and move on to challenge Sen. Other tasks, including a protection of vulnerable congressional districts, seemed more pressing.

Republicans and Democrats alike appear to have escaped calamity in a crucial day of coast-to-coast primary battles as they fight to shape the political battlefield for the fall.

What's more, Democrats turned out at higher levels than Republicans in every single contest in the state where there was a competitive primary.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 70% of Likely Republican Voters say they are more likely to vote this year than they have been in past election years.

"The Democrats just spent $10 million trying to shut us out and they didn't shut us out", he told reporters. Mr. Trump said on Twitter.

Belatedly, the Democratic congressional campaign apparatus interceded with big wads of money to knock down Republicans and pump up favored Democrats, and it paid off. Republicans won't have locks on any of the districts, and there will be conventional Democrat vs. The race is considered a toss-up. The exception: Republican Rep. David Valadao's Fresno-area district.

Democrat Fiona Ma finished first in the race to replace outgoing Treasurer John Chiang, guaranteeing she'll advance to the November general election.

Instead, she said, the major difference this year is among female voters, as well as the attention paid to issues like sexual harassment. The committee angered some local Democrats in May when it endorsed businessman Harley Rouda over scientist Hans Keirstead.

"This election was a referendum on the popularity of bold economic-populist ideas like Medicare for all, holding Wall Street and Big Insurance companies accountable, and fighting for working families - and those ideas won", Ms. Taylor said.

"The Republican House majority was at risk before Tuesday's primaries and it's certainly at risk after these primaries", said Nathan Gonzales, editor and publisher of Inside Elections. Let me zoom right in on these congressional races we've been talking so much about.