Plastic bans can work, but need planning and enforcement

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On World Environment Day Bollywood celebs have been inspiring us by asking their followers to go plastic free and say no to plastic.

Raise Awareness about World Environmental Day.

Naysan Sahba, director of the UN Environment Program's Division of Communications and Public Information, said India is "very active" in tackling issues related to environmental pollution.

Ghanaians were also urged to change their attitudes on how they use so many plastics to bag their items or for shopping, and use straw baskets, and also stop using plastic straws for drinking beverages, and segregate their waste right from their homes, offices, and schools.

The world is celebrating Tuesday the World Environment Day, under the theme "Beating Plastic Pollution".

- June 5 is World Environment Day, a day that represents the single largest celebration of our environment.

New data from waste and brand audits conducted in five Philippine cities confirm results of earlier coastal clean-up audits that multinational brands are the country's top sources of plastic pollution.

For decades, official and popular efforts in Sudan have failed to find means to keep the environmental balance, curb up desert encroachment and lessen impact of drought waves.

The report notes that by some estimates, as many as 5 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide every year.

The report recognizes that single-use plastic waste generation and waste management practices differ across regions.

Bhubaneswar: Marking the World Environment Day noted sand artist Manas Sahoo has created a sand sculpture in Puri depicting the importance of protecting the environment.

He said that there is now a "clear momentum" on this issue and around the world, from Chile to Costa Rica, from the United Kingdom and the European Union and from Rwanda and Kenya to India, governments are taking "clear and decisive action" against plastic pollution.

MicroplasticsIn a message for this year's World Environment Day, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres expressed serious concern saying "our world is swamped by harmful plastic waste".

The annual average per capita consumption of plastic in India is at 11 kg as against global average of 28 kg. The scale of the problem can perhaps best be seen in the number of plastic bottles we use: globally, almost a million plastic beverage bottles are sold every minute. Except for this move, Narendra Modi announced a national marine litter campaign and a programme to measure how much plastic enters India's coastal waters.

"It is undeniable plastic materials and products have many uses in daily life and we may not realise that many are single use plastics".