One race, two chequered flags: Sebastian Vettel blasts Canadian GP gaffe

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Ferrari Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel smiles during the post qualifying news conference at the Singapore F1 Grand Prix September 19, 2015.

Hamilton now trails Vettel by one point after the dominant Ferrari driver marched to victory at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Vettel, leading from the opening lap did not lose sight of what was to come right from the start and build a comfortable lead over Bottas, even as the drivers swapped places in the battle for second.

"We came to Montreal expecting to perform strongly and today's result is a further lesson to us that the historic patterns of performance between the teams are not holding true this year", Wolff warned. "I could have had a DNF (did not finish)" which would have put him another 10 points behind Vettel, he said.

"From the start I was down on power and my engine was overheating".

"When I corrected it, we touched and he went into the wall".

"However, in the two races we have lost 18 points so we have definitely fallen behind a little bit in that respect. This is a track where we should have maximised points - it is not about damage limitation for us". All six drivers from the top three teams had been properly mixed up on the grid, which had seemed to hint at an exciting multi-team fight for the win. "We will look at that internally".

The four-time world champion sped on after the checkered flag was waved one lap too early, finishing his wire-to-wire victory at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Sunday to claim his third win of the year and the lead in the Formula One standings.

Ferrari instead used its new power unit and Red Bull benefitted from Renault engine upgrades. Other teams chose to have seven or eight sets of "hyper-soft" tyres at their disposal, but Mercedes asked only for five.

Hamilton had an early pit stop as he struggled with engine temperatures and rejoined the race behind Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo - leaving him running in fifth - and almost lost that place too as Raikkonen's Ferrari emerged from the pits alongside him. "I couldn't get the temperatures down, so I just thought it was going to fail", he said.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said the team tried to "manage the situation" in the first stint but eventually it had to bring Hamilton in to modify the cooling set-up on the auto.

"It's the first race he's ever done on his own and it's just something different", Horner said.

"We all know that means we're on lap 69, but to someone who let's say is more casual observer thinks 'Oh, this must mean it's the last lap".

"Their auto is fantastic and the engine, too".

"There were lots of hesitations, engine dropping in power, so I thought the engine was going to blow".