National HIV Testing Day Raises Awareness, Encouraged Early Diagnoses

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She said the recommendations should reflect the importance of making HIV testing a more regular clinical practice and that alerts prompting clinicians to test for HIV should be part of a hospital's electronic health record system, the same way hepatitis C is now handled.

Instead of people having their glasses filled at the bar and listening to live music, a partnership turned the club into a clinic in the hope people would be more inclined to go to a less clinical spot for testing.

Staff at the three centres will be able to guide people who test positive toward local resources that can help them with their mental, physical and emotional health. Rapid testing with oral swabs is simple and easy. "If HIV is undetectable for six months, it becomes untransmittable".

"People are still becoming infected in 2018 at an alarming rate", said Matrix Human Services Community Health Counseling and Testing Supervisor Kathie Griffin-Futch. The medication is available by prescription from your primary care physician or infectious disease physician. There are staggering statistics in Florida too, the state with the highest number of new HIV transmissions in the country.

He added: "Others may not know how far we've come in HIV care".

Many individuals with HIV do no always know that they are living with the virus.

Lamb's been living with HIV for six years and said he wouldn't be alive today if he hadn't got that test. Only a small sample of blood is needed to determine whether the antibodies produced in response to an HIV infection are present in the person's bloodstream.

The White House didn't respond to a request for comment on LGBT omission from the National HIV Testing Day statement. Daily PrEP use can lower the risk of getting HIV from sex by more than 90% and 70% for injection drug users.

You can find locations that offer testing year-round here. Better health outcomes depend on knowing one's HIV status and accessing treatment to prevent disease progression.

"HIV is a virus, which does not go away like a bacterial infection", he said. "We want people to know the facts about HIV so that together we can reduce fear and stigma and help people stay healthy".

We need to normalize HIV testing and encourage others, especially those who may be at high risk for infection, to get tested.